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"Americana Crossroads 90.3FM"

"If only you guys could play for the world, I'm sure you'd take it by storm. Awesome sound! You welcome around these hills any day!"

Americana Crossroads
Morehead, Kentucky USA - Americana Crossroads 90.3FM

"Yes! Weekly -- 10 Best Records of '08"

10 best records of '08
By Jordan Green
Yes! Weekly

Old Stone Revue — Heirloom (selfreleased)

Ragged and worn, ripped from the pulsing heart of bruised life, Old Stone Revue has been working out its idiom for some time now. Part of what they do is jazz-touched, Sam Bush-style finger picking, part is ensemble rock and roll in the spirit of the Band, part is pure gospel feeling, and part is songwriter's songwriting.

Produced by Bill Stevens of the Solos Unit, the elements come together in bracing clarity. The musicianship is fine, the songs are strong, and otherwise generalities fail to describe what's going on with this band. "Man In Black," "Smaller Every Day" and "Long Ago" are standouts.

other albums include : Lucinda Williams. Drive by Truckers, Brian Eno & David Byrne - Jordan Green : News Editor

"Relish -- Best Band of 2008"

Published: January 1, 2009

BAND OF THE YEAR: Old Stone Revue puts a fresh spin on the Americana vibe. The band's debut album, Heirloom, is a beautiful piece of work, comfortable and lived in, thanks to the fine work of Joe Blevins and Brandon Knox, the band's two singers and songwriters. It's a good-time band, as comfortable as a fond memory, as potent as a case of warm beer. - Ed Bumgardner / Winston Salem Journal

"Yes! Weekly (Album Review)"

"Assuming you live in North Carolina is to assume you've heard of Old Stone Revue. The band is unsigned, but you can tell that they really have the talent for a label. Combining the music, lyrics, and vocals, I get a soft homespun Southern hospitality about growing up and growing old. Light classic rock feel with a hint of country, AKA good americana listening. 3 of 5 stars." - Heather MacIntyre (independent)

"Relish (Album Review)"

"The unassuming Old Stone Revue, which boasts members from all over the Triad, has been quietly amassing a growing fan base for its equally unassuming and affable take on Americana music, ably captured on Heirloom, its debut CD. The band's sound straddles genres, from rural rock and traditional bluegrass to old-school country and the sort of roots music that has informed the career of Levon Helm of The Band.

Lyrics bear a storyteller's ear for detail. And the songs are sharp, filled with interesting chord changes that take otherwise familiar songs to wonderful new places. The band has no fear of the studio, so the performances sound good-time relaxed and personable. You can almost smell red dirt and PBR. People searching for influences will have a hard time — the music borrows stylistic ideas from many, but ultimately sounds original." - Ed Bumgardner, Winston Salem Journal

"Go Triad (Album Review)"

"There's something very down home about Old Stone Revue's "Heirloom." The 10 original songs here carry warmth and comfort, and sound as familiar as an old friend. It's a juicy slice of country/Americana to raise your glass (or beer can) to and bask in Old Stone Revue's warm, laid back vibe. The album mixes a few rollicking tunes with pretty, bittersweet ballads. "Long Ago," in partiuclar, is a melancholy gem."

Favorite track: "That's the way love is"
- Carla Seward, Greensboro News & Record

"Go Triad"

“I’m happy to report that Old Stone Revue is nothing short of brilliant and amazing. You can't beat a band that has and innate sense of musicality. The caliber of songwriting is completely capitvating. These boys had me on the first line. “

Kathy Clark
Go Triad, Greensboro News & Record - Kathy Clark, Greensboro News & Record


Old Stone Revue-"Heirloom"



Old Stone Revue was formed by Brandon Knox (vocals, harmonica), Joe Blevins (vocals, guitar) and Chris Lord (guitar,vocals) as a band centered on songwriting, with a live show that joins raw intensity, grit and heart, along with poignant lyricism and musicianship.

With influences from John Prine, Johnny Cash, and Del McCoury, to Jazz is Dead, and Gram Parsons; Old Stone Revue mix bluegrass and country with rock and soul.

Shortly after establishing John Holder (bass) in the band, Old Stone Revue headed in to Ovation Sound Studios (Winston Salem, NC) to record their debut LP "Heirloom". The 10 song album was released in May 2008.

Old Stone Revue was named 2008 Band of the Year by the Winston-Salem Journal and "Heirloom" was named to the Top 10 Albums of 2008 by Yes! Weekly (Greensboro).

At times emotive, and at others jubilant; this North Carolina band delivers real American music .