Old Wagon Whiskey

Old Wagon Whiskey


The musical elements most clearly identifiable in Old Wagon Whiskey’s sound are blues, ska, and punk.


Blazing from the embers of 2006, five long time fellow campfire stokers tempered themselves into Old Wagon Whiskey.

A decade of house party punk and ska witnessed the song writing evolution of Nathan Tompkins (Vocals & Guitar) and Bobby Webb (Drums) into the crux of what Old Wagon Whiskey is today. With Neil Mombo (Guitar) dishing out a hearty serving of blues, Mark MacMullin (Congas) forking over equatorial rhythms, and Scottie Penton (Bass) catering funk to the feast, Old Wagon Whiskey has rooted itself in the Halifax music scene with their upbeat stage presence and pervasive musical appeal.



Set List

Our sets typically last about an hour, and longer if we include covers. Cover songs that we perform include songs by artists such as Sublime, Mad Caddies, Tom Waits, etc.

Typical Set List

Old Whiskey Wagon
Return of Dr. Dre
Garbage Can
Rock Bomber
Midnight By Surprise
Second Chances
Magnum P.A.
Guitar Tequila Potato
Happy Cats
Playing With Matches