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Old Wives' Tale

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Old Wives’ Tale – Late-Night Paraphernalia"

By Chelsea Olson

Late Night Paraphernalia is the sophomore effort of Miami-based indie band, Old Wives Tale. Fronted by brothers Jaime and Juan Felipe Valencia, Old Wives Tale is anything but an old, urban legend. However, they are continuing to pass down their self-proclaimed "amphetamine" music perfect for late-night raging, dancing, and other mischievous acts all with strong bass, power chords and ballads mixed with synth vocals, electro-rock, and an occasional cowbell thrown in as their trademark.

After their debut in 2009 with Younger Limbs, the band toured internationally in Europe and South America, where the Colombian Valencia brothers paid homage and recorded the first music video for "[15] Amphetamine".

On their second album, OWT presents six bold tracks for junkies to get their dose of amphetamine music. While some of my favorites are still from the Younger Limbs album, I'm sure these will grow on me just the same. The two stand out tracks on Late Night Paraphernalia are "Josephine" and "Momma Devil". The lyrics on "Josephine" relate the unwanted feelings of a guy who starts out just as a lover to this girl, but ends up becoming addicted to her. The refrain of "If only I could say no to you my sweet Josephine, I’ve had long nights washing away your smell", coupled with chanting "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooohhh" definitely makes for a catchy track. It's almost like an updated, new wave version of Blondie's "One Way". I was definitely taken by surprise as soon as "Momma Devil" started, as it opens with the brothers getting in touch with their southern side, singing swampy bluegrass-style to the faint sound of crickets in the background. The intro then breaks out into funky guitar and bass lines with alternating tempos between upbeat and low key, ready to rock your socks right off in the bog.

Old Wives Tale has found their niche in amphetamine music and is sticking to it, for the most part. Their second CD incorporates a few different twists and influences, but the crazy, paranoia-like essence is still there. Late Night Paraphernalia is just that: an adrenaline-pumping tool used to start off, continue, or end a night of dancing and various escapades.
- Fabrika

"Old Wives’ Tale – Late-Night Paraphernalia [ALBUM]"

With the release of their new EP, Old Wives’ Tale joined up with South Rocket Droogs for the development of a new website ‘Late-Night Paraphernalia’ to promote the production of this album. The site contains a compilation of photographs and video samples for each track off the album to help spark initial interest in their newest project. Please enjoy these few photos and video offered and feel free click the image above to be directed to the exact site. - The Beat-Play Experiment

"Old Wives' Tale CD Release Party"

By Brittni Winkler

Old Wives' Tale (OWT) took the stage of Grand Central in downtown Miami on Saturday, November 27th, the premier night for Grand Central's "Mr.X" event and the CD release for OWT's "Late Night Paraphernalia" 6-track album.

The yellow VW van, sporting an Old Wives' Tale black and white logo on the front, was brought inside of the club for photographs to be taken in front of it. Stickers of this very same logo were given out to those present just before the show began.

Jaime A. Valencia, guitar and vocals, and Juan Felipe Valencia, bass and vocals, are musicians from Bogota, Colombia. They have made their way up the local ladder and have played shows in Europe and several other places around the world. Dressed distinctly and memorably, the guitarist wore a classy red blazer, a white ruffled top underneath, with white pants and high boots. His up-tempo solo's and catchy,melodies made every song danceable and impressive. The bass player rocked a black leather jacket, jeans, and boots. The heavy sounds of his guitar gave the music a choppy and competitive effect.

The taunting feel of the bass and electric guitar duo with the punk-like rock drums that continued to push each song forward were engaging, and on a more advantageous note, a good time.

Many of the stylish qualities that give Old Wives' Tale class are not often found from other bands. With only their second album released and plans for the future, this band is one to follow.

For more information on upcoming shows or new music check out their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oldwivestale or their own website: listentotheold.com - What Miami

"Old Wives' Tale :: Late-Night Paraphernalia"

By Caroline Geys for Off the Radar

Last year Old Wives' Tale featuring talented brother duo, Felipe / Jaime Valencia and Pablo Toro (originally from Bogota), spread their sound across Miami's music scene when their debut album 'Younger Limbs' was released. They played shows at all the cool local spots. In the summer they hoped on over to London to play, having won BVMA's Babelgum's Performance Video Award for "[15] Amphetamine", then they performed at Madrid's Orange Café, Paris' Le Gibus and Barcelona's Sala Apolo.

A year and some months later they are back with their sophomore album 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' that is more sophisticated and adventurous than the first. This album, like the first is also guaranteed to make your head bop while doing a lil rock n' roll dance all your own. Completely opposite in their tones, Felipe and Jaime provide a very well put together brother dynamic that sets them apart from the rest. 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' includes tracks that range with a few different genre elements without losing a tight overall consistency and a continous punch.

These guys are serious about the quality of their music and are very detail-oriented which these days isnt always easy to come by with the plethora of sloppy bands out there. Being a perfectionist is something I can totally relate to!

I highly recommend you catching them live this Saturday, December 27th at Grand Central for their release party along with the premier of MR. X and Japanster, because when you hear them live you'll see how tight and energetic their sound really is!

If you've been to their shows before, you'll remember that the Old Wives' Tale yellow VW bus was always parked out front of the venues. This weekend it will be parked...well, you'll just have to go and find out!

Below are two of my favorites from Late-Night Paraphernalia for your streaming pleasure and their video for "15 Amphetamine". Are you dancing yet?! I know I am! - Off the Radar

"Old Wives Tale to Play CD Release Party at the Vagabond This Friday"

The Weston-based indie up-and-comers Old Wives' Tale are nothing if not professional -- the band's entire existence argues further for the end of record labels. Its web site and debut disc are snappily designed and art-directed by the band itself, with a high-gloss, New Wave style much like the band's music. The band calls its style "amphetamine music," an accurate label, as evidenced on its new Younger Limbs EP.
Anchored on the hyperactive back-and-forth between brothers Jaime and Juan Felipe Valencia, the seven tracks are amped-up, high-focus, twitchy, and sweaty. This is late-night music -- churning synths, funky basslines, and DFA Records-style cowbell create a roiling, speed-paranoia vibe that still stays danceable. The album was recorded between Miami and the Valencias' native Bogota, but sounds piped directly in from downtown New York or east London -- first-class!

by Arielle Castillo - Miami New Times

"Performance Choice Award"

“A well executed film in a classic modern rock style. There is a lot
going on in this video. That's not always a good thing but here, the
shots and edits work with the music so that they enhance each other
and it makes for exciting viewing. There's a high level of energy
across the board, which makes this video a success. The band looks and
sounds good.”

-David Ford on the "[15]Amphetamine" video by Old Wives' Tale
- babelgum.com

"Michel Gondry: "That's my new policy -- self-censorship""

"Q: For the Performance award you plumped for Jorge Valdés-Iga's video for Old Wives' Tale's [15]Amphetamine – which seems to equate sex with car-washes.

A: Well, it had a good energy to it, and the texture on the image on the old car wash stuff is interesting."

Full story
- guardian.co.uk

"Old Wives' Tale Debut"

[excerpt translated from March 09 issue]

"...From writing their music separate, each one from their home studio, they went to moving-in together to create, halfway between rock and electro, everything that is Old Wives' Tale, that is to say, planetary sequences, lyrics with character, distorted bass, explosive drums and cutting guitars.

Just what is needed to cheer up the night and make your blood boil...." - Level Magazine - Miami


Late-Night Paraphernalia - EP (2010)
Younger Limbs - EP (2009)



Brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia formed Old Wives' Tale in 2006 shortly after making the decision to relegate their biology, chemistry, music and audio engineering diplomas to mere wall decorations.

Infected by an angst that resonated in every indie club in Miami's design district, Jaime and Felipe joined their contrasting music personalities to create a fresh sound composed of distorted bass lines, disco beats, ripping guitars, and lyrics referencing alter-egos, heart-breaking love affairs, and one-night stands.

With their debut record,Younger Limbs, Old Wives' Tale made a handsome impact on the Miami music scene and abroad, performing in venues such as Grand Central, The Vagabond, Rokbar and Churchill’s, as well as London’s Barfly, Madrid’s Orange Café, Paris’ Le Gibus and Barcelona’s Sala Apolo along with their impressive video “[15]Amphetamine” selected by Michel Gondry [Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind] as the "Audience Choice Award" winner in the Babelgum.com Video Music Awards in 2009.

Now, as the best kind of control freaks, Jaime and Felipe still handle just about everything having to do with their new sophmore record, Late-Night Paraphernalia -- from production duties to art direction. Recorded at Miami’s legendary The Hit Factory Criteria by Carlos “Loco” Bedoya [Weezer, Missy Elliot, Beyoncé] and mastered by acclaimed mastering engineer George Marino [Arcade Fire, AC/DC, Arctic Monkeys] at Sterling Sound, the album sounds more solid than the first, with more sophisticated songs like “Momma Devìl” (pronounced DeVille), “Josephine” and “Bliss”, but maintaining the “amphetamine music” label they have gotten used to.

That said, the band relocated to Los Angeles and casually explain with tongue-in-cheek, "We don't want to be thought of as pharmacists." More seriously, Jaime and Felipe elaborate, exclaiming, "This is an effect the band has on itself and on the audience. We want to stimulate people so that they don't let life just pass before their eyes!" With songs as striking as those on Younger Limbs and Late-Night Paraphernalia, Jaime and Felipe needn't worry about that. Our eyes and ears are wide open.

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