Ole Cram's Original Music

Ole Cram's Original Music

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Created nearly daily, a new full sound original instrumental new age/inspirational/uplifting music composition using electronic keyboards and synthesizers that move your spirit, evoke powerful emotional response, and remove you from cares of the world.


Ole Cram composes, records, and performs his original instrumental compositions on keyboards, synthesizers, and drums. He calls his music AstRock (Astro-Rock) with its upbeat rhythms and rock flavor.

You can view his music videos at www.youtube.com/olecrammusic and become a fan on the official website www.OleCramMusic.com.

Ole has created original compositions most of his life starting as a young boy on the piano. He also started playing the drums and received his first drum set at age 10. As he progressed in his music, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, larger drum sets, and various controlling and editing equipment were slowly added to support even richer sounds and full instrumental songs.

Ole gave concerts throughout Kansas until settling down to focus on his family, including fostering and adopting children. Recently, he started composing music again and has enjoyed sharing that music with fans using YouTube. Ole hopes you find as much enjoyment listening to his music as he does creating them for you.


None currently

Videos of daily compositions are posted to www.YouTube.com/OleCramMusic

Set List

I have a power mixer and PA system for small venues. Only require access to power.