Oleg Kireyev

Oleg Kireyev


Oleg Kireyev is credited as being the first musician in Russia to popularize a trans-ethnic style. At present he s developed such confidence and facility as an original performer that he does look ahead, not back. Check it out if you ride the progressive world beat tip.


Oleg Kireyev has always been fascinated by Bashkir folklore and was the first
musician in Russia to practice ethno-jazz incorporating Bashkirian folk
instruments and guttural singing techniques.
In 1985, as world music was gaining in popularity, Oleg formed a band called
Orlan which became a phenomenal success in Russia. In the early 1990’s he
spent three years in Poland and took part in the Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw and
played with members of the Miles Davis rhythm section. Almost every night he
performed in the best jazz clubs with Poland’s high caliber jazz musicians. At the
same time he was artistic director of a jazz club in Krakow called Ogrudek.
In 1994, Oleg won a scholarship to Bud Shank’s jazz school and came to the U.S.
where he was a soloist in the All Stars Students Band and gained additional
experience playing with professional jazz musicians.
In 1996, the Oleg Kireyev Quartet was invited to perform at the 30th anniversary
of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland where he was awarded a diploma for
outstanding performance and received international recognition.
Oleg performed at the Birmingham Jazz Festival and the Earling Jazz Festival in
London in 1997 and has toured England annually since then. His CD Love
Letters was recorded in 2000 and had excellent sales in England.
After numerous experiments in the area of world music, Oleg created the Feng
Shui Jazz Theater that includes folk influences from all over the world. The CD
Mandala was released in Russia in 2004 and is now being released in the US on
the New York based label, Jazzheads.
The Feng Shui Jazz Theater is the result of Oleg Kireyev’s creative explorations
into music that combines traditional swing, Bashkir guttural singing, Moldavian
tunes, African rhythms, and improvisational jazz.


"Bashkir Legends" The Orlan Group Led By Oleg Kireyev - (LP) Recorded: 1989 (Russia)
"Romantic" (tape) Recorded: 1994 (Russia)
"Song For Sonny" (CD) 1995 (Poland)
"Romantics of Jazz" (CD) 1998 (Russia)
"Love Letters" (CD) Recorded: 2000 (Russia)
"A British Concert" (CD) Recorded: 2002 (UK)
"Tea Art" (CD) Recorded: 2003 (Russia)
"Mandala" (CD) Recorded: 2004 (Russia)
"Galaxy" (CD) Recorded: 2006 (Russia)
"Eurasia" (CD) Recorded: 2007 (Russia)
"Mandala" (CD) New edition Recorded: 2008 (USA)