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"Olina, Mayola, and other Junk"

Olina, Mayola and other junk
Jellyroll here. Sorry it took me awhile to get around to this, I’m a lazy animal. Friday night at conservatory: Awesome. I hadn’t been to the conservatory since they changed things around, and while I was sad to see the checkered floor mostly gone, the bathrooms were still marvelously disgusting and managed to conjure up a lot of fond memories. Lets skip the nostalgia today though, because the show was fantastic.

Olina: I wont pretend I’m not a biased observer of this event, but in spite of my ties to the band, I thought their set was solid and the crowd’s energy was badass. You can tell this little project is getting tighter, more comfortable and has the potential to make some great music. Olina just finished recording their first EP, which is being produced by Riley from Mayola, I’m looking forward to it, and you should too.

Speaking of Mayola, hot damn! One of the most refreshing and energetic sets I’ve seen lately in indie music. The crowd, including myself, ate that shit up with a spoon. What can I say; I’m a sucker for abrupt tempo changes and horns, ah horns.

So be looking for Olina’s EP, and Mayola’s upcoming record. Also be sure and check out Olina live April 8, at the Hi-Lo.

- Twentymanning

"Last Night"

Last night was one of the best crowds we've ever had. While shopping vintage with Heidi and for new shirts with Cadillac Cowboy on one end of the Conservatory, on the other end bands were rockin the stage. In between, well.. there was the bar, but more importantly, there was a really amazing bunch of faces glowing in the good times. Olina lit up the stage first and delivered something new to the Oklahoma City music scene. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with these guys. While Ben Gruel has gained a reputation for being a great musician, it's good to see to this has translated so beautifully into a a new band. Brine Webb played solo this go round and once again, he managed to bring to life his songs with the same raw brilliance. He even revealed a few charming anecdotes related to his songs, VH1 storytellers style. And Mayola really got the crowd dance dance dancingggg. I think we all had nearly forgotten how amazing it is to see this band live. Particularly stunning was Mayola's ability to transfer their energy into the crowd as we all sang along; "we're alllll just a part of this same damn story." Encore anyone? That was amazing. Big thank you to Olina, Brine Webb, Mayola, Heidi Cannon and Chad Odom (of Cadillac Cowboy Clothing).

I'll be trying to include all of these folks to more events in the future... and more photos coming soon.
- Sophie Zine


Olina the Demos (2008)



Olina is a band long in the making. Oklahoma City locals watching each other perform at a club, at an open mic, in other bands. There were introductions, hellos, congratulations. Late nights running around town, friends of friends, a guitar always laying around, a new song to share, a new melody. We should play together sometime, someone said, somewhere. Then finally there was that night of music, parts, collaboration, composition, and the songs formed themselves. Olina happened easy that way, like it was a long way off, but we could see it coming.

Or, I could say: Josh knew Ben and Josh knew Adam and Aaron. Aaron knew Josh and Ben and had met Adam. Adam knew Josh and had met Aaron. Ben knew Josh and Aaron. They met up one night not too long ago and started a band. Olina.