Olin and the Moon

Olin and the Moon

 Los Angeles, California, USA

A pure-blooded, American, folk-rock band


Olin And The Moon is a pure-blooded, American, folk-rock band that resided in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  But these boys didn’t always breathe the rough air of the city.  Singer, David LaBrel, and guitarist, Travis LaBrel, hail from the great northern state of Montana.  Being brothers as they are, they grew up shredding mountains, so it was only inevitable they would one day shred faces with the harmony only two brothers could achieve.  Marshall Vore, drummer, and Brian McGuiness, pedal steel, also hail from the north, by way of Sun Valley, ID. Idaho would turn out to be the place where they all joined forces and when their powers combined, they are Captain Plan… I mean… Olin & The Moon!  

Olin Started way back in 2006,  coming together to write folk rock songs with the passion of the youth they embraced.  And with that spark they were off and running. They met bass player, Kyle Vicioso, early in the process in Hollywood, CA.  And quickly found themselves gaining fans and followers on the road and in the local scene with the release of Terrible Town in 2009. 

OATM kept turning out the songs and with the release of Footsteps the following year, they landed a couple songs and an onscreen appearance on the show One Tree Hill. The momentum was palpable and OATM followed up with the release of Destroyer in 2012.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the band took a brief touring hiatus, but continued to write new material all the while. Now, with some rest under their belts, they are back with a brand new album called Every One You Know!

Every One You Know is an album that tells the tale of growing up in band, learning from every move you ever made, from every heartache ever felt, and every friend you ever had.  All the good, all the bad, and everything in between.  


Olin and the Moon (2007)
40 Miles of Bad Road (2008)
Terrible Town (2009)
Footsteps (2011)
Destroyer (2012)
Every One You Know (2015)