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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"O Linea "Straight Line Strategy""

After getting to know Morissette , Our Lady Peace m Nickelback , Sum41 , Simple Plan , you will discover
the province of Quebec invaders ; Exterio , Satellite of June , Chapter and O Linea . Originating from the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Mecca , O Linea will be touring in France (with Gingerbread) to promote their futur record after a few months of correspondence and 1 show with Gingerbread .

In the meantime , their 3 song demo is a must. Get it by ordering directly from the band on their website .
Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a piece of carpet that covers the cd case. As for the contents , we immediately get struck by the control of their music. These guys can play. The drum is impeccably rich and well worked. The guitars and bass creates a universe close to those of Tool and Pearl Jam. The vocals (Julien and Maxime) are also of the game , in between different tones , very Toolish or even System of a down (less all the yelling) .

My favorite song today is ‘’ Roadkill ‘’ , but yesterday was ‘’ Pulse ‘’ . I live this record differently everyday , and that’s what makes it so great . Its tight , ripe , effective and as entrancing as it gets . Its human and beastial at the same time , complex and simple , extroverted and alienated .Very troubling . Do not miss them when they show up here .

- Mirza #6 , by Christian
- Mirza 6

"O Linea "Straight Line Strategy""

Straight from Celine Dion country , i.e. Canada , here I am with a new record from O Linea ! Right off the bat , I understand the album's title "Straight Line Strategy" after listening to only a few seconds of the first track "The Impostor". This band really exploits the In Your Face side of their raw and melodic rock ("Spokesman", "Nailed") with no side tracking here and there. The title truly describes the record. On this album we can really feel these musicians thightness, revealing a great unity in an alternative punk rock ambiance immensly mastered by the group, fronted by a hookish vocal. From their 2003 eponymous demo the tracks "Roadkill", "Pulse" and "Unstable Mistake" also appear to complete this excellent record. Frank Joly (Vulgaires Machins , SUBB...) accomplishes a lot in capturing the band's energy and attitude as this record's producer.
You need to get this record the next time you go "shopping" .
Vincent Bennes, Dead Chronicles
Aout 2004
- Dead Chronicles

"O Linea"

(...) One week later ( Novembre 22nd ) was the official compilation’s release
at El Jumelgi . Exterio (for the release of their video Whippet) , Phenomen , Olinea and Skoff were also there to provide a stylishly diversified show. Bands like O Linea (thight and solid) and Exterio (energetic) must be seen on stage. (...)
Decembre 17th , I went to Café Chaos to go see The Original Wrecking Crew and O Linea. Yet again , as 1 month ago , a very enjoyale night with O Linea who gave an incredible performance .
- Rien à Déclarer


O Linea EPs 2002
O Linea Straight Line Strategy LP 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


The audience being the core of this intensive equilibirum , O Linea is defined by an infinite cycle
opposing the one way minding . Natives of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu , these four talented and ambicious musicians have , in the past 3 years , been progressively creating their own brand of rock . The public’s reactions and the member’s musical ambitions have reflected this evolution up to everyone’s expectations .

O Linea introduced itself to the musical world in 2002 with their first demo. This opened doors for
several collaborations such as ‘’ sang neuf rock ‘’ compilation released in 2003 featuring the song ‘’ roadkill ‘’. The song ‘’ Weather ‘’ will also be appearing on ‘’ La Plaie 2 ‘’ by Slam records in 2004.

‘’ Straight Line Strategy ‘’ , produced by Frank Joly (Subb , Vulgaires Machins , Exterio) , is the band’s first full lenght released . Sometimes richly complex , sometimes disarmingly simple , this album was recorded in February of 2004. In the purpose of enlarging its audience O Linea continues to perform live shows around the province. A peculiar relation is already evolving .