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The mission of O-Line Records and Ministries is to live out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19. We seek to effectively draw, disciple and prepare people in our society to make other disciples.


In April 2003 God gave 21 year-old Rashad Smith a vision to create a powerhouse capable of producing Spirit-filled music to combat Satan’s stronghold on our youth. Shortly after, Rashad created O-Line Records and Ministries. The name O-Line is short for “Offensive Line.” As young Christians submitted to God’s will, O-Line represents God’s offense in the battle for souls.

O-Line believes Christian rap can assist in bridging the gap between the Church and society’s youth. Holy Hip-hop offers a unique opportunity to impart Christian doctrine and values to its audience. Through bible based lyrics the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached. Christian rap music is O-Line’s primary tool to draw people to God’s redemptive message. The music that leaves their studio is tried and held up against the Scripture of God’s Holy Bible. O-Line is comprised of rappers, singers, producers, engineers, ministers and other Spirit-led professionals whose obligation is to teach nothing but the Scripture.

O-Line’s artists and producers come from various regions of the country: the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Coast. This, in addition to their various backgrounds, gives the label a unique sound in the Christian rap industry. O-Line released their first LP, "O-Line Presents" in April 2004 and has since released two others, "The Prelude" in November 2006 and "Grow With Us" in March 2007.

At O-Line Records and Ministries we believe that it doesn’t benefit the Body of Christ if we don’t follow up with those we touch with our music. Our music draws people to God, but our ministry prepares those individuals to grow in their walk with Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission. Thus, O-Line’s artists spend time ministering in the community.

Besides performances, O-Line artists can be booked to minister at Church or community events. Also, as part of their desire for ministry, O-Line has created Truth Be Told Ministries, which features two specific ministry programs:Bible Scholars, Christian MC’s and Christian Engineers.


O-Line Presents - Album Released April 2004
The Prelude - Album Released October 2006
Grow With Us - Album Released March 2007

Set List

Our sets normally range from 45 to 60 minutes and feature the songs:

Praise Anthem
Not In His Plan
Commission Mission
Calling Jesus
Role Call
Sold Out
Gods Favor

However, we are flexible and cater to the booker's needs.