Olin And The Moon

Olin And The Moon


Imagine Neil Young and The Band’s Rick Danko communing with the ghost of Elliott Smith around a campfire, with the Avett Brothers and Conor Oberst chiming in, and you’ll get the idea.


Olin and the Moon

Spawning from the jagged, green, and snow crusted mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho the founding members of Olin and the Moon came together at a young age and have played music of all kinds over the years. Singer/Songwriter David LaBrel along with his brother and lead guitarist Travis, joined forces with drummer Marshall Vore to create a strong bond and musical friendship. Together they self-released an intimate full-length record and soon after decided to get serious and relocate to Los Angeles. There in California bassist Kyle Vicioso and multi-instrumentalist Brian McGinnis joined the group of Idaho natives. The two helped the band cultivate their folk rock sound, and created the complete line up for Olin and the Moon. After spending a year in writing, the band recorded and released their first self-titled album. While met with considerable praise from press and fans alike, the boys knew they were still growing as a band. After another year of feverishly touring, writing, and recording, Olin and the Moon have put together their new album “40 Miles of Bad Road”, to be released later this fall, showcasing their best material to date. Finally at a time when authenticity seems to be a thing of the past, Olin and the Moon bring together a rawness and passion in their music that can only be attributed to one too many beers and an endearing hope that a good song can cure even the worst hang over.

Jason Mittleman and Ben Schwartz


Olin and the Moon (self titled 1)
Olin and the Moon (self titled 2)
40 Miles of Bad Road

Set List

We usually play half hour to hour long sets..

Call Me Up
A Place To Hide
Turn Me Into Money
Come And Go
Terrible Town
Castle Rock
Pickin' Up The World
Front Porch
Black Magic Blues
Song Of The Summer
The Worst Is On It's Way

Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
Human Highway (Neil Young)