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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1998
Band Rock Pop





“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Olio for several years now and have been a fan since the first time I heard them. I’ve used them as an example to other young bands when trying to impress upon them the importance of being ‘tight’. I’ve never been disappointed with their efforts in promoting their shows, and they’ve always brought their best to the stage when booking them on my shows at House of Blues. Add in the fact that they’re truly all-around good guys and it’s hard to go wrong with Olio.” - Gig Boss (Concert Promoter)

"Olio Indie Music Festival Review"

“Power trios are by definition musically challenging, but OLIO manages to combine a great, soulful rhythm section with cool guitar work, melodic vocal lines and tight harmonies. We caught up with the band at the 2012 Indie Music Festival in Vegas last month, and shot the brief interview and live performance video clip above. Olio really impressed with a blend of all the right stuff: creativity, musicianship, and chemistry, along with strong songwriting skills and a great interpersonal dynamic among the band members. ” – Brian Lippey - GuitarShopTV.com


Olio blasted into Di Piazza’s tonight with their powerhouse mix of funk, pop, soul and rock. This was our first time seeing the band play live and what really blew us away was their ability to seamlessly move from one musical style to the next. This is always the sign of a truly talented group of musicians. The band is led by singer/guitarist Arif Hodzic whose guitar virtuosity really shined this evening. Drummer DeHaven Carrington took over the vocal duties on several on the more upbeat dance songs. The band’s newest member Kelley Hill is a fireball of energy that keeps a strong, tight bass line.

Olio has a funk groove behind many of their songs but what’s cool is that they inject a pop sensibility into their songwriting. Our first impression is that they were akin in musical style to Fishbone but with the smart storytelling ability of Fountains of Wayne. The result is an unbelievably unique sound combination that neither one of us had ever heard before. It almost seemed as if they created their own new genre of rock n roll.

Below is a video that we shot of the band performing “Hello/Goodbye” which is a track from their album Comeback Kings which was produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer.

Olio is about to start a nationwide tour that begins on June 18th in Portland, Oregon. They are spending June and July along the west coast and in August they will cross the US and end on the east coast. Please check http://www.oliomusic.com/ for up to date tour information.

DiPiazza’s Set List
Saturday Night
Rich People Problems
Caught Up
Comeback Kings
Get A Room
Idi IT Girl
The Show Goes On - Judy & Jody Timmerman

"Olio - Untitled Review"

Untitled is a twelve-track rock/funk/pop album by Olio; released March, 2014 on AD4 Records. Curiously titled and delightfully arranged, the album is an animated fusion of pop, rock, soul and funk that may liven up even the dreariest of crowds!

The band consists of Arif Hodzic on vocals, guitars, keys, DeHaven Carrington on the vocals, drums and percussion and Kelley Hill on the bass and vocals.

1. Ready Set Go (Got The Feeling)

This song is akin to the extremely likeable guy next door. With goofy lyrics over soaring instrumentals, it’s difficult not to want in on the energy this track exudes!

2. Get A Room

A slightly different kind of vibrancy dominates this fast paced, so-flashy-it’s-fun number. Pop/funk sounds dominate this tightly arranged track which ends the way it begins; on a guitar-led high!

3. Idi it Girl

Can we CC this song to all the popstars-gone-rogue? The song is as clever as the title: a really funny, quirky and edgy pop-culture commentary. The blazing guitars add an additional dose of conviction to the mix!

4. Caught Up

A rocky and glorified take on being “caught up [in how good how good you feel].” The track is a puzzling and spontaneous splash of genres.The resultant pop/soul/funk goodness feels candid and is loads of fun to listen to!

5. Boom

Swoony vocals, revved-up instrumentals and a chorus that’s as catchy as heck and—boom, you get a trigger-happy and completely crazy narrative of the “modern [marital] tragedy”!

6. Dance

One of the more sober-sounding but nevertheless groovy dance tracks! There’s definite character in the lyrics and vocals; outshining the relatively generic pop beats.

7. Once In A Lifetime

This track starts out slow, backed by the piano before it becomes pluckier and peppier, withincreased strumming. Unfortunately, once it reaches its peak, the magic dies; it feels a bit too glossed over.

8. Round and Round

Foot-tapping, seasoned instrumentals guide us through the dramarama of an angsty relationship! “Turn up- the lights and sound/Our love- goes round and round,” the singer croons, and you’re hooked.

9. Getting Away With Murder

Bring on the mind games. The guitar and drum lines are terrific here—as the singer surges forward, charging the accused for invading his mental space. “I keep my skeletons locked away/Somehow my skeletons are out to play/You’re getting away with murder (murder).”

10. Love

The quirky instrumentals keep this song going. Love is your quintessential gawky and dreamy-eyed love song that’s so cheesy, it’s adorable! This one has a great rhythm to it.

11. She’s Hard to Tame

She’s Hard To Tame has one heck of a chorus! As the track progresses, you’re caught in a tizzy of pulsating beats, chants and strings; and it’s worth every second.

12. The Show Goes On

A terrific way to end the album! The lyrics capture your imagination, as the rock instrumentals dominate much of the song.

Verdict: Incredibly refreshing and joyful! Olio’s energy, quirky mishmash of pop/funk/rock and epic lyricisms makes Untitled a treat to listen to!

Picks of the album: Idi It Girl, Caught Up, Boom, Round and Round, She’s Hard to Tame

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ - Music Perk

"Olio - Spaced Out Magazine"

Love live bands? Love the sound of real music? Then you will love Olio! SOM reviews “Ready Set Go” a song featured on there new album “Untitled”. Olio gives a clear direction of funk/melody with this song as it gives a feel of amped up high velocity energy, or more of a, I’m at at football game and my game is winning type feel! Whatever the feel maybe for you make sure you check them out and get familiar with this band as they continue to do what they love, how they love. Spaced Out Magazine gives Olio 3 out of 5 stars for “Ready Set Go”.

Electricity fills the room when a musician or group of musicians express themselves from their core releasing a huge amount of energy. When the audience gives that energy right back it’s intoxicating and addictive. Something really special happens and the sum is much greater than the individual parts and an authentic connection is made between the band and audience. A moment is shared that is forever remembered and cherished.

Today there is so much talk about how a lot of new music is lifeless and boring especially at the concerts. The music is sometimes programmed and made into backing tracks. Nothing played live except the vocals, well, sometimes even that’s pre-recorded. Where have all the true artists gone? We believe there is a resurgence of live music. Real music played by people that truly give everything they have to the music they make. We believe in the energy and love that live music brings to everyone involved. Olio was inspired by rock legends that made music in the moment without the help of computers and backing tracks. It’s our responsibility to continue this inspired tradition. Sharing moments with you that can only happen at a live show. There is only one way to do this.

In 2014 the band released their 3 third full length studio album “UNTITLED.” This is a much anticipated project, after their time with recording legend Eddie Kramer, who produced the bands last two EP’s, Comeback Kings & the yet to be released France Sessions. They learned a lot and wanted to combine that knowledge with the energy and fun of their live shows. so when they returned from their Summer Tour in 2013, they hit the studio with reckless abandon. having played most of the new songs on tour, they were really tight and knew exactly how this record should sound and feel.

This project offers a nice variety of rock, funk, and pop with well crafted songs and stories. In an era where people are focused on making “tracks” & “hooks” Olio is focused on the song. regardless of genre, the song is the most important thing. Then when you add that to a tight groove and or an edgy riff, you’re creating something that people can sink their teeth into.

Check them out:

https://soundcloud.com/olio - Spaced Out Magazine


The Power Trio musically known as Olio certainly has crafted one of the best original sounds currently out in the Indie Music Scene. It is their Classic Rock style blended with a mixture of Funk and Pop that makes their music a hit with music lovers from around the world. We had the opportunity to speak to the members of the band about their fantastic music and this is what transpired from our magnificent online encounter.

Isaac: I would like to ask you for the readers of this online publication who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:

Olio: Pop Rock in your face!

Isaac: With respect to musical icons, who would you consider to be your most significant musical influences?

Olio: Led Zeppelin, The Police, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Sly Stone, The Beatles…

Isaac: Do you have a favorite song to play from your collection so far?

Olio: I think from the new album our favorite song lately has been Round & Round. It has really been hyped and the crowds have been really getting into it.

Isaac: I am interested to know who you are listening to at the moment. What bands and artists should we have our ears on right now who you think deserve the spotlight?

Olio: Well, we just finished up at the Sidepony Music Fest in Bisbee, AZ and really kool bands to look out for are RUCA, FAIRY BONES, MELISSA REAVES (just insane!) RADIO LA CHUSMA (Mexican/Reggae/Dance) & JERUSAFUNK these acts were the stand outs to us and they just brought it!

Isaac: Since you write your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

Olio: We write in various ways, jams or someone brings in an idea and we finish it out. We draw on everyday life stuff…relationships, family, friends, social events, sporting events, politics, and sex. You know, all the good stuff!

Isaac: If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

Olio: We would love to open for Lenny Kravitz right now; he’s got a great new album out and is going to bring the show to the states soon. That would be a great fit. We tried to get on a show with Dirty Loops but they weren’t having it. Oh well…

Isaac: :-( I am sorry to hear that….it would had been perfect for you guys.

Isaac: So, what’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?

Olio: Man, we’re pretty boring guys but we are busy. Busy with families and non-music projects. Do a little traveling and just hang out and relax.

Isaac: Now for our non-music question: Name five things you can’t live without?

Olio: Money, love, sex, music, family. Not necessarily in that order.

Isaac: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into when you are performing or on the road that you can let us in on?

Olio: Well, we’re pretty calm katz, so not a lot of “trouble” is caused by us. Our biggest pet peeve on the road is just dealing with drunk people at the shows. It’s hard to be nice sometimes, when people are just being idiots. We are very open and relational, so it’s a drag when someone messes that up. Not only for us but other people trying to have a good time.

Isaac: Knowing what you know now, would you do it again?

Olio: Yes, most definitely we would do it again. We would do it a lot sooner but we would do it again.

Isaac: If you were not performing, what do you think you would be doing professionally and why?

Olio: Well, if we couldn’t perform, the next best thing would be to be songwriters and producers. We would be in the game somehow someway.

Isaac: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Olio: When it comes to performing, we always give it 100% regardless of the size of the crowd. Whoever is there, is there to see you and they deserve a show!

Isaac: This is excellent advice.

Isaac: Ten years from now you will be….

Olio: 10 years from now we will be touring, recording, producing etc…/just on a larger scale with bigger budgets and better production. There’s no stopping this train.

Isaac: As a great send off, tell us about one of your greatest moments as a performer.

Olio: I think might have been when we won the 2011 Emerging Artist competition in 2011. It gave us the confirmation we needed and some momentum even though our bass player quit right after that. But we got Kelley and literally everything started taking off. We ended up work with Eddie Kramer (twice) for two EP’s, one included recording in France. More successful touring and touring the U.S. becoming more focused and determined to do great things in this industry. And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!

Official Website for Olio:
http://www.oliomusic.com/ - Issac Davis Jr.

"Get in the Van with Tour Advice from LA-funk/rock band, Olio"

I met Olio a while back now, but reconnected with Arif, DeHaven, and Kelley at Sidepony Music Festival in Bisbee this year! Olio is a self-described “rock, funk, pop” band, which a great explanation of their sound. The trio are all fantastic musicians in their own right, mix the genres extremely well, and always impress everyone watching.

They’re high-energy and funky, and they’re always looking hella dapper in black shirts and white ties, WHILE ON TOUR. Kudos, because I can hardly convince myself it’s a good idea to put on pants in the morning.

These guys are located out of Los Angeles, but you’d hardly know it, I feel like they’re ALWAYS on tour (I’m jealous). I wondered what their secret was to keeping up a heavy tour schedule, so I harrassed Arif into answering some interview questions. Get back in the van and pick up some tour advice from LA-based rock-funk band, Olio.

You tour very frequently! What is the farthest and/or longest tour you have set out on so far?

The longest we’ve toured at one time is 3 weeks. We went from Los Angeles to NYC and south to New Orleans and back. Played 19 shows in 22 days along the way.

How long has Olio been a band and how long have you been touring with your current line-up?
Olio has been a band for 16 years. We’ve been touring our current lineup for 2 years.

What is the absolute worst thing that has happened to you on tour? Was it preventable, or does it come with the territory? What did you learn from the experience?
So far so good. We spend a lot of time planning all the details and preparing for tour so hopefully that’s helped prevent bad things from happening.

Olio the band

What is something every aspiring indie touring band should know before setting out on their first tour?
It’s work but it’s a lot of fun if you’re ready to give everything you have every time you play even if you’re playing to 3 people or 3,000. Hopefully you’re with a group of people that can co-exist, get along and respect space. It’s tight in the van. :)

What is the most important thing you have learned from extensive touring?
Give your best at all times and you’ll get to meet many cool people along the way. You also get super tight as a band, musically and personally.

You have an amazing merch set-up. How important is merch to the success of your tour? Do you have suggestions on merch for other bands? What sells, what doesn’t sell? What’s the most important item in your merch set-up?
Thanks! Branding is key. Use what your band is about and find a way to create merchandise that supports it. Definitely have your music available that you’re performing. Last year we toured and performed a lot of unreleased material that we were working out on the road. Unfortunately, we missed out on some sales because the songs weren’t available yet. You’ll have the easiest time selling when it’s hot. Right after you perform!

We have 6 CDs, couple different T-Shirts designs, Custom Pick Key Chains, Autographed Drum Sticks, Autographed White Ties, Beanies. Everything has been selling, it just depends on the individual.

Olio's Tour Merch Set-up

How often can a touring band expect to find normal, every-day amentities such as showers, coffee, etc? Do you fore-go these things?
Finding normal amenities is pretty easy using your smart phone. Showering is tricky. YMCA, friends places, apparently truck stops (haven’t tried that one yet). Many days we’ll forego a traditional shower and clean up at a rest stop the best we can.

Do you usually stay in hotels? On your friends floors? In the van? Any advice on how to find places to stay?
Most nights are spent in the van at a rest stop. We use an app to find Rest Stops in the USA. Part of our daily planning is to locate the rest stop that’s in the direction of the next town. Calculate how far it is and plan accordingly. Not everybody gets to party. Be responsible. We all take turns in driving. You’ll spend a lot of money quickly on hotels if you’re not making a lot of money. We would rather come home with as much profit as possible. Sometimes we stay at friends places and that’s awesome! If we have to break down and get a hotel we will but it’s rare.

Booking a tour is an incredibly tough job. Do you book all the tours yourself, or do you use a booking agent? How should a new touring band present themselves to bookers?
We use Indie On The Move. It’s a great, free booking resource for bands. We’ve booked tours ourselves and now our manager is also helping us secure shows. We’re currently booking 2015 and indieonthemove has a service we tried out called DIT (Do It Together).

They help you put together your pitch, suggest your tour routing based on the information you give and send out the emails to lots of venues in the markets you want to perform in. It’s working really well for us and saved us a lot of time. It does cost money but not a lot. They don’t take a percentage and I feel it’s very reasonable.

We do the follow ups and save a lot of time. Booking is extremely time consuming. Venues want you to do all the work. Your best bet is research the market and find strong local bands that would work well with you. Let the venue know that you’re willing to put the show together and ask for a list of bands that they love. They’ll also want to know how you are going to promote the show

Facebook, press release to media, mailing list, securing strong local acts with good draw. ReverbNation is also a good way to find bands. The power is in your network. Find bands that you’ll work well with. Make friends. They can help you quickly figure out the best venues, where to play and where to stay away from.

Kelley Hill, Olio

Is there any other advice you have for new touring bands?
Spend the time to research and plan properly. Figure out your touring costs well before you hit the road. Our major expenses are van rental and gas. Venues usually feed us a meal, sometimes provide lodging too. You can easily figure out what you’re going to spend and then you try to get the best guarantees that you can so at least you know what your base pay is.

Merch sales really help. Having a strong merch table is key. We offer bundles too which works well. Fans save money but are happy to support. I also push the mailing list so you can stay in touch with your new fans directly. Need to be able to connect with them through email, not just social media. - Chelsey Louise


"Champions" Single 2021

"Party Up" EP 2020

"New Year's Eve" Single 2017
"Saint Remy de Provence" EP 2017
"Untitled" Album 2014
"Comeback Kings" EP 2012
"Get It Good" Single 2011
"Living The Dream" Album 2009
"Colour Of Music" Album 2004
"3P" EP 2001
"Ain't No Party Like An Olio Party...LIVE" 1999



From tragedy to triumph… Rock/Funk/Pop trio Olio has been a creatively fulfilling band for co-founders singer/guitarist Arif Hodzic and singer/drummer DeHaven Carrington since 1997. Through various lineup changes over the years Olio hit its stride in 2011. When bassist Kelley Hill joined Olio, things got interesting. Some highlights from the last 8 years include: recording 2 EPs with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Hendrix/Zeppelin/Bowie/Kiss) in L.A. and a mansion in the south of France, several cross country tours of the USA, kicking off the Vans Warped Tour in Anchorage, AK and performing to their largest crowd to date (10,000 people) at Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts in 2018. 

In 2019 they were working on their next album release “Party Up” when tragedy struck. On April 22, 2019 DeHaven Carrington passed away from a sudden heart attack. This loss was devastating to the Olio family, his friends and fans all across the globe. DeHaven was such a positive, dynamic, energetic force and a wonderful human being. Not to mention an incredibly talented writer, singer and drummer. He impacted the lives of many and is deeply missed. 

After much grieving and soul searching, Arif and Kelley decided to continue Olio and honor the legacy that DeHaven helped create. These were big shoes to fill. Who could join that wasn’t a stranger, knew DeHaven and the band, was a dynamic personality and immensely talented in their own right? Timing is everything and they believe that divine intervention took place. The seemingly impossible occurred in such a short time that was effortless, easy and felt right. The magic of a band is when the right chemistry is present and Olio is excited to welcome drummer Barry Chenault to the Olio family. Barry and DeHaven were friends going back to when they were in their teens. Barry is an accomplished drummer playing and touring with George Clinton & P-FUNK Allstars, Gap Band and Donna Summer to name a few. His pocket, tasteful, dynamic playing is the perfect fit. Olio is thrilled to enter the next chapter of their story, honoring the past while creating new music and exciting experiences for themselves, families, friends and fans. They continue DeHaven’s legacy with the phrase he coined “We are the music. You are the movement!”

Here's a list of some National Artists Olio has shared the stage with:
Martha Davis & The Motels, Nancy Wilson with Roadcase Royale, Dawes with Jackson Browne, ABC with Martin Fry, Wang Chung, Missing Persons, Boingo Dance Party, King’s X, Living Colour, Eve6, Dishwalla, Men Without Hats, Mr. Big, Loverboy, The Fixx, Average White Band
In 2016 they kicked off the Vans Warped Tour in Anchorage, AK sharing the stage with Reel Big Fish, Sleeping With Sirens, Sum 41, Crown The Empire.
In 2017 they played AK Summerfest in Anchorage, AK with Night Ranger and Lita Ford.
Summer of 2018 they shared the stage with rock band Venice at Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts on 8/26/18 playing in front of 10,000 people.

Band Members