Olive Haigh
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Olive Haigh

Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Solo Folk Indie




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Olive Haigh is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and autoharpist who has the power to capture audiences with her peculiar emotive voice. Likened to a female Tom Waits or Nick Cave, Olive’s own brand of indie-folk is fresh and enveloping, eclectic and genuinely surprising.

Having never taken vocal lessons, Olive’s voice has an indefinable uniqueness, her vocal trills and swoops rich and dynamic. She became deeply interested from a young age with the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Björk; though these three artists are ever-present in her creative conscious, she now sings from somewhere deep inside herself, the sound she produces frequently described as ‘other-worldly’. Her mastery of the autoharp along with subtle effects pedals allows her to evoke incredibly rich textures with a much deeper resonance than a keyboard whilst retaining the delicacy of an acoustic guitar. The autoharp is her first instrument; like her voice, this unusual focus marks her as a unique performer and songwriter. Crucially, her quirks and nuances come across as genuine whereas in others these qualities may appear affected.

Olive began playing publicly at the age of 19 in 2013, with a band called Girls Cry Wolf made up of art students at Falmouth University. The group were often described as ‘ghost-folk’ and were popular around Falmouth, but having played together for nearly a year, Olive’s need to express her solo work overtook her desire to play with her band. She therefore began playing alone in June 2014, and released her EP in July. Since then, her popularity has been gently increasing, and now, at the age of 21 she has begun making waves and has intentions to launch her musical career deep into the heart of the industry.

In July 2014, Olive hand-printed and released an EP, Monsters, selling her limited run of 50 copies. In this time she managed the online store herself, without assistance from management or musical partners and relied only on word-of-mouth and free social media sites.  Olive is now looking to record an album. She has already begun working; taking inspiration from a collection of individuals she has recently met, studied and drawn. Having studied the lives of her subjects she has, in a way synonymous to Francis Bacon’s method of painting, been delving deep into herself to pull out the true feelings for each individual. The songs she has been producing have a peculiar power to take an emotive hold on an audience and silence a busy room.

In the immediate future, she has a small mountain of gigs and radio performances lined up, including appearances on Cornwall radio stations Source FM and CHBN as well as performing at multiple venues in Falmouth, Redruth, Plymouth and Bristol. She is planning to go on tour at the end of January with three other Cornwall based acts, with intent of covering Cornwall, Exeter, Bristol, Brighton and London. Olive has recently acquired a zealous and skilful drummer with whom she performs live, adding a heavier dimension to the spacey thoughtful atmosphere, and together, the two never cease to provide a well crafted, ecstatic performance.

Olive Haigh therefore, is a musician whose boundless imagination is setting her apart from others, and setting her up for a bright future in the musical industry.

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