Olivea Watson
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Olivea Watson

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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""Olivea is cross between Chrissie Hynde and The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler""

At first glance, Olivea Watson may seem like any other singer songwriter, making her way through a bevy of heartfelt pop songs. But, as the music plays, it's obvious that there's plenty of substance to go along with her well-worn roots rock style.

The most striking thing about her is her voice, which sounds strangely enough like a cross between Chrissie Hynde and The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler. It's strong and assured like Hynde's, but there's an underlying sensitivity which keeps you guessing. It also helps that her songwriting is top-notch and creatively done, and the combination of voice and writing pull this one away from the pack.

In other words, this should be just another album by another wannabe rock star, but it shines in spite of itself---and that makes it even better in the end.

MISH MASH Mandate: Brass In Pocket - Mish Mash Indie Artist Review

"VH1 Compilation CD "Save the Music""

Olivea was asked to be on "The Best Independent Music -VOL 1" compilation CD for her song "Back to L.A.". This CD will be distributed to all the celebrities and attendee's at the upcoming VH1 "Save the Music " benefit. - U Heard it First: The Best Independent Music - VOL 1


livea got a "Honorable Mention" for four of her songs from her debut record "Way Down Deep" (due for release in Sept '07) in this year's Billboard World Song Contest. This is quite a accomplishment considering the thousands of entries and quality of the entries. Billboard recognized her for her ability to write songs at such a high level and issued her a certificate demonstrating her talent, dedication and ability she has to write a "Hit Song".

- Billboard World Song Contest - Billboard World Song Contest

"MS Music Fest 2006 - Compilation CD for the Montel Williams MS"

Olivea's song "All's I want" was chosen for The Montel Williams MS Foundation to help raise money for MS. - Montel Williams


Olivea was chosen to be Gibson's New Artist of the Year for 2007!! She won a new Gibson Guitar worth more that $5,000 and recording time at BIG SKY HIGH RECORDING STUDIO! - Gibson Guitars


Olivea Watson was in the FEB 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar World Magazine. She was interviewed for their "On the Rise" section written by Brad Angle. - Acoustic Guitar World Magazine

"Buzz Bands"

Olivea was interviewed in the "Buzz Band" section on the Los Angeles times talking about her upcoming gigs throughout Los Angeles.

-Kevin Bronson
Jan '2007 - Los Angeles Times

"Strong yet silent expressive power"

Olivea Watson has a sensitive and charismatic vocal styling that incorporates the best of blues, rock and pop. She has a vulnerability in her voice that emotes a strong yet silent expressive power. After moving to L.A. from New York, Watson has armed herself with a fervent band of professional musicians, striving to become a force in the music industry. Already on her way to success, she is featured on the VH1 Compilation CD, “Save the Music” as well as “U Heard it First: The Best Independent Music” album.

One particular genre cannot contain the blend of influences that Watson’s music possesses. Watson herself has a style all her own, but it is the concoction of musicians that make up her band which creates a strong fusion of southern rock, blues and contemporary alt-pop. One could interchangeably hear her music on a country radio station, while still maintaining a position on the pop charts.

One such song, “Wake Up” shows the best concoction of genres. Watson’s vocal styling mimics fellow female musician Aimee Mann, while incorporating the influential rhythmical style of late 90’s alt-rock scene. Her vocals are delicate and simple, almost ethereal, which allows the bluesy guitar to voice the emotional upheaval and strength of the song. It’s the combination of all parts that make this track a success. Further on, “Change Me” expresses a more upbeat, southern feel. It is a polished, radio friendly track that has the potential of being an anthem for women all over the world. Her voice is illuminating, while soft drums, smooth guitar and a tinkling of piano throughout the song bring a silky and appealing jazz quality to the track. “Dirty Noise” has a more southern and upbeat feel than the rest. Watson’s sound becomes more pliable with the Sheryl Crow like quality. Her sound is adaptable to the mood and tone that is needed for each stylized track. The ability to change up one’s sound from track to track is a much desired ability and works well for Watson.

Olivea Watson has strived to become a well-respected female singer/songwriter of today’s music scene; an area that is hard to break into because of many well deserved musicians. From her days in New York, perfecting her classically trained violin skills, to breaking free and heading west to bring together a band of talented musicians, Watson shows that she has the dedication and drive to succeed where many strive to go.

- In-Tune Magazine- Melody Geear

"Los Angeles based singer/songwriter WINNER!!!"

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Olivea Watson (www.olivea.com), who released her
independent debut album Way Down Deep in September, has been announced as the winner of the
prestigious Gibson Guitar New Musician Award for 2007.

- Hollywood Reporter

"Same vocal prowess of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Sheryl Crow"

On Way Down Deep, there's a good range of rock and folk that is sure to catch people's attention.
Watson also has a certain earthiness to her vocals, which are not too harsh but have the same vocal
prowess of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and even Sheryl Crow. If you like those three, you'd definitely
love Olivea Watson.
- Caroline Leonardo, Evolution of Media


Olivea is making a stand in radio..this is her recent week in radio 10/24/07 for her single "LET GO"

(Charts from Spins Tracking Systems)

1.Top 40 Main Chart @ #38

2. Top 40 Top 30 Indie Chart @ #5

3. Top College Chart @ #23

4. A/C Main Chart @ #26

5. Country Indie Top 30 @ # 28

6. A/C Top 20 in Central Region @ # 18

To listen go to www.olivea.com



NEWS:::::::::::Olivea was offered a major distribution deal and her debut record "Way Down Deep" will be released in Sept '07 September


NEWS :Olivea won as runner-up for RELIX MAGAZINE JAMOFF for her song "Goodbye"

NEWS::::::::::: Olivea will be on the new compilation CD "HELP SAVE WORLD HUNGER" by BLASTED RECORDS for her song "LET GO. All proceeds benefit world hunger and the compitation will be distributed nationwide in record stores.

MORE NEWS::::::::: Olivea will be on a compilation CD "Music for CoffeeBeings" distributed in coffee houses throughout Canada for her song "LET GO"

* * *
In Addition To Winning “Honorable Mention” For Four Of The
Album’s Tracks In Billboard’s World Song Contest; The Versatile
Singer, Guitarist And Violinist’s First AAA Radio Single “Let Go”
Will Be Featured On An Exclusive Best Buy Compilation Called
‘Help Save World Hunger’; “All’s I Want” Is Included On A
Fundraising CD For The Montel Williams MS Foundation;
And “Back To L.A.” Is On The
VH1 Compilation ‘Save The Music’
* * *
Watson Is Currently Involved In Raising Awareness
For War Child International, A Global Network Dedicated
To Advancing The Cause Of Peace Through Investing Hope
In The Lives of Children Caught Up In The Horrors Of War

A few years ago, shortly after moving to L.A. from The Big Apple to more seriously pursue her path as a singer/songwriter, Olivea Watson (www.olivea.com) reached a difficult crossroads. Struggling to define her musical direction and facing nagging doubts about her prospects for making inroads on the local club scene, she caught her breath for a moment and decided to take a good friend’s simple advice: “Let go.”

“Let Go,” the heartfelt, roots-rock/blues song that she wrote in response to her crisis of faith, is poised to be the latest breakthrough in the artist’s suddenly blossoming career. The first single from her debut album Way Down Deep (set for release in September on Ramblin Rose Records, with distribution by Burnside), the track is about to go to AAA stations across the country.

“Let Go,” which has logged over 8,000 listens on Watson’s popular myspace page (www.myspace.com/oliveawatson), is also set to be included on a compilation called Save World Hunger, released by Blasted Records in August; it will be available at Best Buy stores nationwide. The song is also the lead track on a compilation called “Music For Coffee Beings,” which is distributed in all independent coffee shops throughout Canada.

Watson is currently using her musical platform to increase U.S. awareness of War Child International, an international network of independent organizations working to help children worldwide affected by the ravages of war. War Child, whose main offices are located in Canada and Holland, was founded upon a fundamental goal—to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lives of children caught up in the horrors of war. Watson joins numerous indie artists and such music luminaries as Bono, Sheryl Crow, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Elton John in shedding light on the noble efforts of this crucial global charity.

Like a lot of indie artists aggressively seeking unique outlets for their music, Watson was placing her songs on a wide variety of other charity samplers long before her debut had a release date. Her track “Back To L.A.” was featured on the VH1 CD Save The Music, one of the station’s U Heard It First: The Best Independent Music series. Her heartfelt country/blues flavored rocker “All’s I Want” was chosen for the Montel Williams MS Foundation to help raise money for multiple sclerosis; the song was on the organization’s compilation CD connected to the MS Music Fest 2006.

Four of the songs from Way Down Deep also garnered Honorable Mention praise from Billboard Magazine’s World Song Contest, impressive for one artist in a sea of thousands of song entries. Watson is a prolific songwriter who can edge towards the political at times. But she’s mainly interested in chronicling her own personal experiences about trying to negotiate the hairpin curves and emerge a winner in the indie music world. Just before getting her distribution deal, she wrote “Goodbye” as a winking farewell to her songwriting career, as if it might be the last one she writes. “Wake Up” addresses the reality that most of us experience, repeating our patterns day to day without questioning the point of what we’re doing with our lives.

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