Oliver and the Elements

Oliver and the Elements


Funky, roots oriented, original Rand B music from some of the finest players in Vancouver. Combine this with great harmonies, a spontaneous and occasionally wacky stage show, and you have an experience every time.


While Oliver and the Elements have been one of Vancouver's most enduring and best loved Rhythm and Blues Bands for the last 15 years, this latest incarnation is also a vehicle for the original material of the members. Each of the members is a respected studio musican in their own rite, and the Elements affords an opportunity for each of us to develop our material onstage and in the studio. We meet twice a month for Wednesday "Tune Club", where new songs are demo'd in the studio, and the most appropriate added to the live show for the following week.


" So,.. Move" -Oliver and the Elements -CD, 1993
" Half Life" -Oliver and the Elements" -EP, 1995
"Bone Idol- Oliver and the Elements" CD, 1996

Set List

Variable, but typically the band plays a 90 minute show in concert, + encore, and three 55 minute sets in clubs. Set list is 50% original roots and Rand B influenced songs, with classic Rand B and soul covers making up the balance.