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"Rapture Ready Review"

Defenders of Christian hip-hop tend to believe that gospel music must be just as aggressive as secular sounds in order to reach younger audiences. Hip-hop fans in general are often halfhearted in their consideration of rappers that represent Jesus, primarily because while the message is of the utmost importance, skills seem to be a secondary concern. However, such reasoning gets pushed to the side quickly during the opening title track to Oliver Brock’s album, Rapture Ready. With no breaks and no chorus, he recites a 48-bar verse about the spiritual transformation that has taken place in his life. Bursting at the seams with clever similes, one-liners, and potent truths (“The hardest thing to do in this world is live in it”), Brock puts any doubts about his verbal dexterity to rest.

One of the most engaging aspects about this album is that Oliver doesn’t feel the need to get crunk for Christ regarding the production that accompanies his words. Instead, he chooses to flow over instrumentals that would fall in line with the listening habits of Christian alternative fans. “I’ve Been Dead” features guitar work along with low-end bass and minimal drums that feels like a Born Again version of U2’s “With Or Without You.” As Oliver rhymes about feeling alive in Christ for the first time, his vocal intensity paired with the introspective musical arrangement is a striking combination. Brock’s voice commands your attention without the need to scream his beliefs or drown them in Auto-Tune gimmickry (although that vocal effect can be heard on several selections). He simply shares his testimony and truth as he has experienced it.

“Thankful” boasts a soulful drum machine punch underneath sustained chords and is perhaps the most head-nodding cut of the bunch. “Things Done Changed” cleans up a Dirty South rhythm with a shower of synthesizers that almost eclipse the abrasive guitar parts included on the track. Encouraging listeners that are struggling to find their way, Oliver reminds them that “a gem is just a stone, but it’s pressure that makes them diamonds.” Both “He Lives In You” and “Deliver Us” are the most musically dynamic songs on the album, incorporating more orchestral influences into a hip-hop context and transcending the genre as a result. The former features kick drum thumps and synthetic snare hits that slope along in half time, providing a perfect fit for a monotone vocal delivery that runs at twice the tempo. The chorus is transformed into an African-infused pop chant that is glaringly different than the harmonic mood during the verses, but offers a joyful contrast to the song. “Deliver Us” supports the urgency of Oliver’s lyrics with an angelic chorus that practically pleads for God to hear their prayer over tension-building bass and symphonic harmonies.

A truly touching moment can be found on the bonus track “When You Come Home.” Set to a somber military march, Oliver and Rexx Israel trade verses as letters from soldiers to their loved ones left behind. The ambiguity of their lyrics allows for interpretation as thoughts from those enlisted in the Armed Forces or the Lord’s Army. It is moments like these that make Rapture Ready such an unusual gospel album, even for the Holy Hip-Hop subgenre. Considering Oliver’s ability to deliver his message over a dazzling array of musical backgrounds, this album has major potential to crossover big within the Christian music field, uniting alternative rock and rap music fans with its evangelical stance. Always careful to be honest about his own shortcomings while taking steps towards perfection, Oliver Brock has created an inspirational full-length with hip-hop at its heart and God guiding its spirit.
- Jason Randall Smith


Rapture Ready- 2011
Singles: Rapture Ready, When You Come Home

Rapture Ready: Accountability-2012
Singles: Choices Made, Tomorrow Comes Today, In the Morning



It was only a few years ago when Oliver Brock touched hearts and minds with his God-conscious lyrics on Rapture Ready, an album that took hip-hop and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through it. Back with a second installment, Oliver returns to the studio with a mouth full of reverence and a repentant heart. Rapture Ready 2: Accountability is more of a collaborative effort, relying upon a host of producers for musical backing as well as numerous guest MCs and vocalists. Acting on the belief that God will be in the midst where two or more believers are gathered, Oliver brings along a congregation of like-minded souls to infuse this project with His presence.