Oliver Johnson

Oliver Johnson

 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

James Gilbert has been delighting audiences
all over the world for nearly four decades. A
James Gilbert & Legacy show promises to take
you on a journey of an era when music was
MUSIC!! James Gilbert is a man with a mission
to get you to listen to what you've been missin.

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  • Quinn Records TM Dwight Quinn Guitarist

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Quinn Records TM
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EPs,(Come Thunder Come Lightning, Day Dreaming Again) LPs,(Hard Times, Reminisence of This Magic Moment, On The Other Side of Midnight, Christmas Must Be Love, Luv n' Thing, Jazz On Washington Avenue. Radio Airplay: Day Dreaming Again, Do You Love Me Not?, Lied For The Last Time, Drink To Musch, In The Moment and Luv n' Thing.