Oliver Kane

Oliver Kane


I like playing Irish Trad, Folk and Country music, I write music in these generes



Welcome to my anthology page,

The Eccles Showband

My first memories of music,are of wiping away tears by singing how much is that doggie in the window, Later i was to learn how to play accordion,then a guitar, Then the big step, join a band, and the first band i joined was called the Eccles Showband.
Based in Dunmanway Co Cork, This band played at various functions and dance halls in the southwest of Ireland, it was my first step on to the bridge, Precariously i was swept along in the spirit of things,almost getting into serious trouble as a result of my securing band equipment,
It was a short music affair of playing music, But with the bouncing around of ideas new tunes and songs ect,
Listening and trying to repeat what i heard on the reel to reel tape recorder.
Wearing out the the dial chord on the wet and dry batteried radio, for the words of some song or other,
Usually a white noised piece of Radio Luxemburg broadcast,usually top of the pops, After this it was off to London, get a job, save the bob, buy the git, dream a bit, learn the chords, take to the boards,

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The Fontana Showband,
The next band i joined was The Fontana Showband.
I became the replacement for Rory Gallagher.
This band achieved some success. and during the time i was in the band we recorded two L P.s .
Tours of The U K followed and a stint in Germanys famous Star Club. Hamburg.
This was probably the most prestigious place to perform in at the time.
The Beatles had also giged this venue.
It became an honor to be able to say. i giged it. The Fontana Showband Played each and every Irish dance hall in all the major cities of the U K. where ever an Irish Community existed.


were based in north London

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Based on the success of the L.Ps The Fontanas changed name to

The Irish Freedom Fighters
The Irish Freedom Fighters.
Released two L Ps. The first one entitled Irish Rebel Songs, sold over half a million albums in its first two weeks of sale,
quickly earning the band the coveted silver disc,
This album was the fore runner for several other groups to do likewise, Bands like The Wolf Tones, The Barleycorn, and several others, The Wolf Tones and the Barleycorn achieved success, but none rivaled the original album sales of the Irish Freedom Fighters,
The band traveled through Scotland intensively, and also undertook tours of the U S
After receiving tremendous accolades at every point, they appeared on T V shows in Albany N Y. and did coast to coast broadcasts on Radio.
The tours became a feature of annual expectation for the fans, in New England. The outbreak of troubles in Northern Ireland put an end to the band, venues in Northern Ireland became off limits, and several Gigs in Scotland were picketed by loyalists, all shouting Fenians go home.and other un-mentionable chants
THE IRISH FREEDOM FIGHTERS were no stranger to controversy.

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The Impact Showband

The Impact Showband. Was the next band i joined.
It was a total turn about from playing Irish rebel ballads, to the latest in rock and soul music.
Featuring three brass instruments, guitar, organ, bass, guitar, and drums.
The Impact like wildfire whipped up a storm everywhere they went,
Playing both American and British Air force bases,
The Mecca Ballrooms cartel soon wanted the band, and soon the band became openers for some great music acts like.
The Remo Four, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Swinging Blue jeans, The Walker Brothers, Kenny Ball, The Pedlars, The Animals, Jim Reeves, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, a never ending list.
A lot of styles were imitated by the band, So a decision was made to record an album.
Which became the only one recorded the band.
entitled Ireland Swings, by the Impact Showband.
During the first tour of Ireland playing The Associated Ballrooms group of venues, The band fell apart. due to managerial problems. Four of the boys just up and left.
Back to the big smoke of London Town. The boys soon found a new venue.
And a new band was formed

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The New Currency
The New Currency. was the next band i joined.
Which in effect saw three different set of personell changes.
This set of bands played most of its time as resident band in the Arranmore Ballroom, Balham, south London.
I had a great time with this band, It was a concrete, whiskey and fun time.
Only one single was recorded.
That was a cover version of a song called Approaching Lavender.
by Gordon Lightfoot. and became the


To Know My Own

Written By: Oliver Kane

To Know My Own

Oh I’ve never seen a smile, dawn across my mother,s face
I’ve never held her hand walking up for grace
And i dont really know who i am
Or those from whence i came
I’m searching through the secret's of life
Finding out my real name.

Now they tell me she’s alive and well
But she dosen’t want to see me
And the pictures, and the letter that i wrote
She dosen’t want to read
She’s afraid i might upset
The way her family thinks about her
And this is what it is,
Never knowing what it is
To know my own.

I’ve lived a life never knowing what it is to know my own
And i keep waiting for a letter
Or a call from someone on the phone
I pray to God every day
That to my mother he may soon speak
So i might get to know her
Before her final sleep.

I’ve never seen a smile dawn across my mother’s face
I never held her hand walking up for grace
And i dont really know who i am
Or those from whence i came
And this is what it is
Never knowing what it is
To know my ow


I have been recording for many years now, and at the moment most of my recordings are available on the iTUNE'S web site