Oliver Paine

Oliver Paine

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Oliver Paine is an alternative singer-songwriter. By listening to him you might recall some
western swing, blues, folk, soul, vaudeville
influences ala Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley.

An educated musician, Oliver studied Vocals and Piano at the Hot Club of Portugal, a famous jazz school member of the IASJ. He performed at the main stages and venues in Portugal and he is know looking out borders.

Oliver has raised a growing
up fan base all over the world, selling cds all over the World (Japan, Usa, United Kingdom), and he´s currently setting up a cd release Tour called "The Demon Island Tour"


Beautiful Country

Written By: Oliver Paine

Beautiful Country

She packed her things and went to Paris
Left her home without a kiss
She had too much she was too sober
She couldn´t stay any longer

Amsterdam is right away
But she just needs someone to say

It´s a beautiful Country inside you
And tonight I will take u there
Beautiful people beautiful landscapes
I hope u want me to share

Berlin at night was full of fire
But her toughts iced all her desire
She had too much she was too sober
She couldn´t stay any longer

Budapest is right away
but she just needs someone to say

Leanan Sidhe

Written By: Oliver Paine

A fairy came to me last night
A skin so white of pure delight
She said I´ll be your muse for tonight
Her name was leanan sidhe

I´ll show the secrets of your mind
Till there´s anything more to find
I´ll make you glorious if you´re kind
To your muse leanan sidhe

Oh leanan sidhe, oh leanan sidhe
You are my will oh leanan sidhe
You´re my faith and my creed
Oh leanan sidhe

So there she stood moaning like a sun
amazing poems I could have done
In all her grace there was something wrong
She was sad Leanan Sidhe

She read my mind and warned me lad,
your mortal soul can´t guess how I´m sad
And if you dare that will turn you Mad
For I am leanan sidhe

I´ll give up fortune on thsi earth
All human glory isn´t worth
A single smile drawn by your mouth
Oh beautiful leanan sidhe

At my request she unveiled her heart
A crowd of souls tearing her apart
They all loved me in the name of Art

Just because I´m leanan sidhe

The pain was such and so strong
It had turned he heart into a stone
She was loved, but felt Alone
Little girl leanan sidhe


"Fritz Kahn and the Miracles" A conceptual album based on the story of an orphan called Fritz Kahn who fells into a Wishing Well.

Set List

Each song about 3min long, with some words in between them. About 1.30 show, but can be shortened and adapted to Venue´s needs.

1. Welcome
2. Leanan Sidhe
3. Party of our Lives
4. Beautiful Country
5. Crystal Palace
6. An Atomic Bomb named Danielle
7. Devotion
8. My girdl
8. Mother
9. It�s not the end of the war
10. Xangri-La
11. Playing God
12. Rest in Peace
13. Sigh the Bird
14. Annie
15. Too young
16. We could wait forever
17. Break my heart again