Oliver Wilde

Oliver Wilde

 Bristol, England, GBR

Woozy widescreen folktronica and downer pop..


“They get it when I put the deer mask on”.

This is a typical line from a conversation with songwriter and off kilter recording artist from Bristol, Oliver Wilde. Referring to a recording session with a friend’s band, he’s had them standing in running baths and slammed doors at them in the dark to eek out the perfect performance. It makes you wonder what he does when he’s recording himself.

Whatever it is, his melancholic, introspective, delicate and unconventional disposition has resulted in a recording constructed from blind honesty and humility in the shape of a stunning home-grown debut album ‘A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears’ out in July.

Brought up in the Wiltshire valleys and inspired by his great troubled heroes such as Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, R. Stevie Moore, Mark Linkous and Daniel Johnston, it lead to an appreciation for reclusive melodies, experimental chording and intimate poetry whilst holding tight to some of the more traditional writing aesthetics.

Evoking the delicate ghosts of his never met heroes Mark Linkous and Elliot Smith washed through with the woozy widescreen dreamscapes of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, Wilde’s debut LP is melancholic, beautifully compelling and offers up as the perfect introduction to his introspective and honest sound.

Describing his own serene musical style, Oliver Wilde scratches his temple and delves deep.
“Downer pop? Tinsel rock maybe? Lo-fi glitchtronica?”.
Before we can probe further, he’s distracted by a commotion from the bathroom.
“You’ll have to excuse me, I think the bath is still running..”


A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears LP - July 2013 (Howling Owl Records/Believe Digital)

Airplay : Perrett's Brook (BBC Radio1 & 6), Curve (BBC Radio 1 & 6), Flutter (BBC Radio 6)

Set List

Perrett's Brook
Something Old
Happy Downer
Walter Stevens