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Olive Williams

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I consider myself as a fun, easy going, loud musician! I love writing music and i'm quite confident with everything I do. I can hit them high notes baby and them low notes like a pro. I sing nearly every type of music which is great in many situations that I've been put in.


Well my full name is Olive Bushett-Williams.
I like to use Olive Williams for short because my full name seems too long and ugly looking haha.
I'm 16 years of age.
I write my own music, I'm completing my last year at school this year, then i'm off to pursue my music career.
I have completed Grade 6 Trinity Guidhall singing exam, and more grades below that.
I was a runner up for the Rotorua Music Scholarship, gaining me a $100 scholarship to spend it on music equipment and stuff.
I had mixed results in the New Zealand Arias'.
I've competed in many school and community wise competitions to do with music and come out with good results.
I've had vocal training for 4 years.
Recently I've been bursting with ideas for songwriting and i've completed many songs.
I've had guitar lessons for a year, and I caught on to it quite fast.

My inspiration for everything I do music wise, Is my Brother.
He was a keen musician, he was the first person to teach me how to sing. Apparently I was singing before I was really talking because of him. He gave me that drive and told me never to give up on my dream.
Earlier this year on the 3rd of January 2012, My brother had committed suicide. It was a complete devastation for me.
I had stopped anything to do with music, stopped going to school, I had stopped anything and everything that could of got me to my dream.
My mother saw what I was doing and decided to act on it.
She had won tickets to see Dame Kiri Te Kanawa perform and at the end of the night I got to talk to her.
Then New Zealands Talent Auditions came around and I thought I would give it a shot.
I got quite good feedback, but still don't know the results.

All in all, none of this really matters. It's the passion and drive and the love for music that you need.
That's why I want to be a singer/songwriter because i'm worth it.


No singles have been released yet.
First single to be put out will be during 1st-10th of July