Olivia McMillen

Olivia McMillen


Heartfelt Pop Rock Smoky yet Edgy Vocal Style


Olivia McMillen is a not-so-typical 15-year-old girl who loves to speak what’s on her mind and in her heart through her music. Her determination to do so was recently proven by the fact that within less than one year, Olivia began writing her first song, completed 21 original songs and professionally recorded 10 of them on her first, self-titled CD, “Olivia”, performing all the vocals and background vocals herself. She is a passionate recording artist/songwriter with recognizable talent to all. Olivia describes her own lyrics as “original songs about experiences typical teenagers go through like first-love, heartbreak, drama that happens at school - things like that.” Her music is self-described as heart-felt pop rock but she brings a passionate twist to the genre with her smoky yet edgy vocal styling. Olivia’s fans range in age, with Generation Y being the core.

Most recently Olivia and her band were paid performers for Grapevine’s Main Street Days in Grapevine, Texas. They were also featured in the “Best of Southlake Youth Talent Showcase” at Southlake’s Art in the Square. Olivia was recently a finalist in the North Richland Hills Pop Sensation Contest, which included over 60 contestants. She is active in her high school and her community as an award-winning dancer and member of the Varsity Emerald Belles Drill Team, an A Honor Roll student and stays very busy performing all types of community service including donating performances for worthwhile causes. Other engagements and awards include being a featured performer at the North Dallas Relay for Life Cancer Fundraiser for the past 2 years, receiving Regional Choir designation and Outstanding Vocal Talent at Dawson Middle School as well as competing in the recent Miss Teen Southlake Pageant in addition to numerous other live performances.

Olivia’s plan is to host a CD release party during Fall 2006 at a local restaurant/venue with a live performance with her band, which consists of all Southlake students like herself. McMillen plans to follow her CD release party with a mini-tour of the Southwest states, hitting major cities including Austin, Albuquerque and Houston. She also plans to perform frequently in Fort Worth, Dallas and Denton.

Olivia’s CD was produced by David Hall of Hall Music Productions. Mastering and reproduction was by Pineapple Studios. Her hope is that fans of all ages can sincerely relate to her music because of either current or past similar life experiences. Although Olivia seems to be a typical, fun-loving 15-year-old girl with a big dream for stardom, her talent and charisma are indisputable. Her ability to persevere shines as she gains popularity and earns reputation.


I Found U

Written By: Olivia McMillen

Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh/I've never fallen so deeply in love/I feel like I've met an angel sent from above/He is the one I can't stop thinking of/He seems to fit my heart just like a glove/How did I find him?/How could this be true?
Never in my life did I think I would find/A special guy meant for me/He stepped into my world and made everything right/I'm glad that I can finally see/This much is true.../I'm glad I found you

Oooooh Oooooh/He makes me feel like I'm the only one/Who can light up his life like the sun/Though I know this race has just begun/I feel that I've already won/How did I find him?/How could this be true?

Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh/Oooooh Oooooh/How did I find him?/How could this be true?
((Chorus))(1st 4 lines only)/((Chorus))

My Own Love Song

Written By: Olivia McMillen

Hold me close, take my hand/Take me to a distant land/Let your eyes look into mine/Let your face be my sunshine/Oh oh oh and never let go/You're my heart and your my soul/You make me feel so whole/You make me feel so great/You can help set my life straight/Oh oh oh and never let go...
I never thought that I'd get to meet/Someone who can make my heart go on and skip a beat/And never in my life did I think I could find/Someone that I can never, ever get off of my mind/Never, ever, ever let go of me/Hold me close to you for (the rest of) eternity and/Don't you know you proved me wrong/You're my love song, my own love song

You're my heart and you're my soul/You make me feel so whole/You make me feel so great/You can help set my life straight/Oh oh oh and never let go...
You're my love song, my own love song.

True Love

Written By: Olivia McMillen

Your love has overtaken me/Your eyes are all that I can see/My love for you will never end/I feel it's all about to begin/Why oh why can't I see/What is happening to me?
It's true love, the real love/Not just a stupid crush/I've found love, not fake love/Now I can feel the rush/Yes I know now, it's true love

All I can think about is you/And how your love for me's so true/you gave new meaning to my life/And now everything feels so right/I'm glad that I can finally see/What is happening to me

It's true love, the real love/Not just a stupid crush/I've found love, not fake love/Now I can feel the rush ((repeat))
I'm glad that I can finally see/What is happening to me/It's true love, the real love/Not just a stupid crush/I've found love, not fake love/Now I can feel the rush
Yes I know now, yes I know now/Yes I know now...It's true love

Category Wrong

Written By: Olivia McMillen

The Preps, the Punks, the Jocks, the Nerds/Where do you belong?/the Geeks, the Goths, the Hots, the Nots/Category Wrong/What happened to the days when no one was left out/And everyone was friends?

All I hear are whispers/And the words behind my back/People wonder why I'm different/Why I'm not like that/Groups and cliques they act alike/I'm caught in between/While everyone tries to decide/Where I should be seen
Little do they all know/There's no difference between them/They are all the same inside/From limb to limb/I always hoped they would realize/There is no difference/Instead of picking friends and foes/Like they have a preference

Thank You

Written By: Olivia McMillen

You taught me to care for all/And think before I speak/To tell the truth no matter what/You can find strength in being weak...

Thank you, you changed me for the better/Thank you, you got me right, right/Thank you, two birds of a feather/Thank you, you got me right, right

You will remain with me always/For the rest of my days/All of your little lessons/ Changed me in big ways...
I was in the dark.../And you turned on the light
((Chorus)) ((Chorus))...right,right,right

You were always there for me/With kind words to say/Now all that I wanna do/Is thank you in every way
((Chorus)) ((Chorus))

Got me right, right.../Got me right, right.../Got me right, right...


Self-Titled CD - "Olivia" contains 10 original songs

Set List

All the original songs from the CD and some other originals that are not recorded yet plus a few popular songs like Happy Girl - Martina McBride, Breathe (2am) and even some contemporary christian tunes. Sets are well-rounded to include rock, pop rock, country rock and contemporary christian depending on the audience.