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Olivia West

La Vergne, Tennessee, United States

La Vergne, Tennessee, United States
Band Country Rock


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"Sounds Like Chocolate Mousse"

Olivia West represents what a struggling singer/songwriter should be defined as. A normal, everyday person with a normal, everyday life just like everybody else except, she can write the bejeezus out of a song and sing it equally as well.

Born and raised outside of Kansas City, MO with a stay at home Mom and a father who made his living as a roofer and a Church of Christ preacher, she is living proof that great music comes from everyday personal experiences. Ask her and she’ll tell you that her father said that Patsy Cline’s voice was about as perfect as we all remember it because she always ate her peas. This led to years of eating peas while holding her nose just so she could sound like Patsy Cline.

When you listen to her sing, one thing becomes obvious. This is one talented artist. She has a sound that harkens back to the days when country music was all about family, going to church, and dealing with everyday life. “Alone and Personal-Acoustic Sessions” has everything from growing up in a small plains town (“Midwestern Town”, and “The World is Flat”) to the hopes, prayers, and dreams of a young family trying to make it in an increasingly cynical world (“Taking on the World”, and “Waiting For the Better”). The record evens includes a song entitled “Rock Yourself to Sleep” which was co-written by her son Luke (4 years old!) which is the stereotypical story of love vs. the travelling musician.

Fast forward to today. Now she is married to her highschool sweetheart, has two young sons, and after making sure her family is taken care of (including a dog named, appropriately, Patsy Cline), spends most of her time writing songs (solo and with other writers), singing demos, and playing in every little dive bar that will let her in. Five plus years of slogging through the red tape and heartbreak of the Nashville country music scene has brought us a collection of songs that could not be described as anything less than a diamond in a bucket of coal. Her music caused two of her fans to describe her skills as comparable to the way chocolate mousse tastes…dark, and rich, light and airy, smooth and tasty. The kind of thing that you just can’t get enough of…ever.

She just released her debut album “Alone and Personal-Acoustic Sessions” available through iTunes, Amazon, and other online music sites and this is an album that should be in every true country music fan’s collection. You can find out more about Olivia West online at www.oliviawest.com, on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reverbnation. Stop in and say Hey Y’all. - Country Music Tattle Tale

"NBC Interview"

http://www.wsmv.com/video/22890775/index.htmlhttp://www.wsmv.com/video/22890775/index.html - http://www.wsmv.com/video/22890775/index.htmlhttp://www.wsmv.com/video/22890775/index.html

"Hell and Corn"

Do you remember what it’s like sitting around campfire when someone starts playing and guitar? The atmosphere is electric and you just can’t help from smiling? Olivia West’s new CD, “Alone and Personal – The Acoustic Sessions,” is a lot like that.

“Men Like You” is the perfect opening track to a CD that is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s evident that West is singing her songs from the heart, as each word is soaked with emotion. That emotion is intensified by the acoustic nature of the album. I love the stripped down feel of these songs and, at times, I found myself forgetting I was listening to a CD and thinking that a friend was sitting next to me sharing her innermost thoughts.

Being from Ohio originally, I can relate perfectly with “Midwestern Town.” She captured the life in the suburbs and rural communities in the Midwest. West’s writing style is extremely effective and draws listeners in without even realizing it. She is brutally honest about herself, the people around her and her upbringing. She uses a number of similes and metaphors in her writing that makes conveying her message as natural as tying a shoe. One such example comes in “Midwestern Town.” She sings, “We flock to the church like sheep and we pray for rain.”

Anyone who had suffered single-dom can relate to “Alone,” as she doesn’t attempt to sugarcoat the feelings that are common when loneliness sets in, whether it’s wishing the person you love will return or wishing the perfect person will finally show up.

With “Hell and Corn,” West tackles the tough topic of domestic violence. Every time I hear the song, I hang on the every word and listen silently as I detect goose bumps form on both arms. The tune is every bit as powerful as Martina’s McBride’s “Independence Day,” even though the ending is very different.

West is a master at writing and singing about tough situations, but there is a good deal of optimism. Songs like “Waiting on the Better” and “That Man of Mine” shows an optimistic side of relationships, as does “Takin’ On The World.” “Takin’ On The World” is a perfect conclusion to an amazing CD. It reaffirms that love exists and a couple in love really can make it despite obstacles that life might put in from of them.

- www.strummagazine.com

"Ralph Murphy's Recommendation"

"Watching Olivia grow as a writer has been great. Seeing her turn that creative corner is what every "old dog" writer hopes for! Welcome to the "pack" Olivia!"

Ralph Murphy,
VP ASCAP Nashville - Personal Email

"As good as it gets"

Rarely, if ever, does a voice as fresh and clean as Olivia West's come along. She possesses the soul of an artist and the passion of one of the great storytellers of our time. Her latest, "Alone & Personal" is a glimpse at music's next big star on her way up.

The sounds from this Nashville star rival those of the greats in our industry. Her approach to music is a refreshing change from the norm. She has each and every audience member in mind when penning her material, and in turn, delivers tracks that most will relate to.

"Taking On The World" is the album's best track. It tells the story of continuing to fight for your dreams when the world seems against you. For this Nashville artist to put this song out, while her community is in the middle of a natural disaster, lends weight to the recording, and I could imagine the song used as a motivating hymn to keep people going when all seems lost.

For my money, Olivia West is as good as it gets. She has gifts to please the ear and soul, and she is not afraid to use them. Do your karma a favor, and grab "Alone & Personal" from Olivia West at your local independent music store today.
- Cashbox Magazine


Alone & Personal, Acoustic Sessions - full album

Scarlett - single



In many ways, Olivia West is just a typical midwestern girl-next-door. Her daddy was a roofer and a Church of Christ preacher and her mom was a housewife in a small town on the outskirts of Kansas City. She even married her High School sweetheart after graduation and has two kids. But Olivia is driven to sing. Her songwriting draws you into the world she grew up in, but her passionate and flawless vocals prove she's not meant to stay typical for long.

Olivia's career began long before she knew it. She started writing songs when she was 4 and re-writing them when she was in first grade. At the age of 12, Olivia got her first paycheck as a guest star of the Truman Lake Opry.

She played the opry circuits in MO and KS for years before temporarily switching to Christian Rock. With her band, Choice Silver, Olivia opened for Casting Crowns, Reliant K & Pillar among other Christian acts. Then the head of A&R at a Christian label asked Olivia to move to Nashville.

She went back to her roots in Country as she moved to the music city and has since been scheduled to play at the Bluebird Cafe, Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and every other prominent Songwriter and Cover venue in Nashville. She's shared a bill with John Rich, Lee Brice, Trent Tomlinson, Lady Antebelleum, Steel Magnolia, Josh Thompson, The Trailer Choir, Matt Kennon and many more.