Rennes, Bretagne, FRA

"Olli goes to Bollywood" (France / India), a live film-concert produced by a French artist with the best musicians of Bollywood


Olli goes to Bollywood, the third epic of the adventure "Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra", combines romantic themes to the most popular songs of Indian cinema and subtle and percussive original compositions sang in Hindi. A banghra spirit - a very rythmic and uplifting music from the region of Penjab, in northern India - is also embedded in the project.

This show thus offers a particular Hindi pop repertoire coloured with hip hop, dub and rock, over remixed images from the Massala cinema. Themes, rhythms everything is set to bring to the audience the authentic emotions of a movie from Bollywood, with the story of a Breton singer who fells in love with a movie star and travels in India to look for her.

Olli shares the stage with Indian and French musicians for an original live film-concert. Bollywood scenes and clips were shot by filmmaker Jesse Lucas in January 2013, in collaboration with an Indian production, a choreographer, a troupe of dancers and actors from Madras.

Behind the kitsch, colors and enthusiasm of this crazy story (re)played on stage, there are valuable keys to understanding Indian people. You never travelled to India so easily !

Line up:

Olli: composition, vocals
Kavita Baliga: vocals
Asad Khan: sitar
Lannig Le Faucheur: keyboard, harmonium
Deb Sankar Roy: violin
Jyoti Sankar Roy: violin
Uday Mukherjee: indian percussions
Supriya Bhattacherya: indian percussions
Erwan Volant: bass guitar
Jesse Lucas:  video



OLLI AND THE BOLLYWOOD ORCHESTRA "Kitchen"  (Sterne/ Sony BMG 2005) 

OLLI AND THE BOLLYWOOD ORCHESTRA "Tantra"  (Label Caravan / Bassofone / Anticraft 2008)

OLLI AND THE BOLLYWOOD ORCHESTRA "Olli goes to Bollywood" (Label Caravan / Avel Ouest / Coop Breizh 2013)