Our Lady of Bells

Our Lady of Bells


This is deep, elegant indie folkrock from the fertile musical ground of Western Massachusetts. Our Lady of Bells' songs are in turn earthy, etherial and passionate with melodies that catch instantly and stay stuck in your head for days.


Up from out of the quirky stew of the Western MA music scene popped Our Lady of Bells, bearing a cross-pollinated bouquet of country rock, folk, indie and chamber pop. Their marvelous experiment began in late 2004 when songwriter and guitarist Jules Gimbrone was shopping around for a new sound and found drummer John Berry fresh off the boat from Rhode Island with chops like you read about. They were clicking as a duo but things really started cooking after Jules found singer and guitarist Geoff Rice impersonating Fred Schneider at the local VFW and invited him to come and play. The newly formed trio hunkered down in Jules' moldy country basement, taking a couple of months to get a handful of brand new songs ready for public consumption. They starting playing hometown shows and self produced a four-song EP in the winter of '05. Friends told friends, the crowds started getting bigger and the gig radius started expanding. Cambridge and Boston. Portsmouth New Hampshire and Portland Maine. Triumphant appearances in Manhattan and Brooklyn. New songs were coming fast and furious, and Christmastime '05 saw the band recording once again. In the studio the sound expanded further with Geoff adding to his duties with piano and harmonica, Jules chiming in on mandolin and violin and a handful of friends on bass, cellos, violins, guitars and accordions. To help recreate the fullness of their new sound on stage, the band recruited Gregg Cornish on keyboards. A bigger, better Bells was born.

In April of 2006 the band unveiled their debut full-length album FORGETTING THE WAY HOME. These twelve tracks span the band's range of moods and styles, expanding the band's sound without losing the hauntingly spare quality for which they've become known. The band completed a national tour in September of 2006 and returned to their cozy valley to work on new songs.

Unfortunately, life intervened—as it is wont to do—and the three founding members of the band found themselves pulled in different directions, eventually ending up living in three separate states by midsummer 2007. It just wasn't possible to keep things going, despite their love for the band, the music and their fans. In June 2007 Our Lady of Bells announced that they would be "on hiatus" for a long while.

The final show is scheduled for July 26th at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA.


Forgetting the Way Home (2006)
Our Lady of Bells EP (2005)

Set List

OLoB sets range from twenty minutes to an hour and a half or longer, depending on the needs of the venue. Our average set runs forty-five minutes and features between six and eight original songs. An example:

Wash This From Me
So Very Slowly
Oh My
The Stage