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"Vampire Boy"

It’s probably a safe bet that most music fans have never wondered whether a hip-hop scene exists in Transylvania or not. It is also safe to assume that rap aficionados have never pondered the possibilities of vampires on the microphone moving the crowd. Indianapolis rapper Olu-Jay represents the physical embodiment of those two far-fetched thoughts intersecting, disrupting the scene with an unusual image wrapped around an industry standard lyrical flow. Sinking his fangs into a musical genre that has become swollen with swagger while emaciated on substance, he has referred to his Vampire Boy album on his website as “my antidote to whack rap.” The release has been timed well, slipping into the summertime with carefree couplets and prerequisite party rhymes loaded with their fair share of bragging rights.
- Jason Randall Smith for Impose


Vampire Boy (LP,2012)



Olu-Jay is an emcee with a penchant for having way too good of a time, while somehow maintaining technical prowess. Citing Sade,MJ,2pac,BIG,Stevie wonder,Eminem,kanye west as some of his musical influences, Olu-Jay also looks to Electro staples such as kraftwerk and Aphex Twin for creative spark. Describing himself as “Here to suck the poison out of the blood of hiphop” , the Midwest representative brings a strangely unique style and perspective to the mic. On his "Vampire Boy" Mixtape
O'JAY weaves tales of lust,drugs and flat-out avoiding adulthood in a brutally blunt manner.His goal is to stimulate your mind while he prolongs the party.