Music born in the meetings of latinamericans ans spanish, music owned by the ones who follow their dreams and invent the air they breath in every step. Olumbé is deeply connected to that principle where music is ritual of life.


"There was a beginning for human beings, a beginning long long ago. We had the song in our voices and the drum in our hands. With its elegant and precise sounds, Olumbé presents Afro-Peruvian music without frontiers.
A captivating group where the cajón drum beats cheerfully
but at the same time achingly.
In the strict landó and zamacueca rhythms, they depict
revitalized chords and verses.
Music born in the meetings of the Latin Americans and Spanish, music owned by those who follow their dreams and invent the air they breath in every step.
Olumbé is deeply connected to the principle where music is a ritual of life itself."

This quintet based in Barcelona Spain, was born in 2010 through the union of peruvian, argentinean and colombian musicians.

During 2011, Olumbé tours Spain after being one of the selected bands by the Diversons program (Obra Social La Caixa). The group performed almost 20 concerts in many cities, namely Melilla, Santa Cruz de la Palma –Canarias-, Es Mercadal –Menorca-, Mijas and Fuengirola –Málaga-, Lorca –Murcia-, Castellón, Barcelona, La Pobla de Segur and Bellpuig –Lérida-, and the worldwide known Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic.

Between March and May 2011, Olumbé records and releases its first album. The repertoire combines original and traditional afro-peruvian songs, utilizing genre´s typical instruments like cajón (box), quijada (donkey´s jaw), cajita (little box) and checo (pumpkin), besides voices, classical guitar, double bass and congas.

In 2012, they have performed in the 15th Acoustic Music Contest Garcilaso (Barcelona) in which they received the first prize.

Last March and April 2013, they toured France. They performed in the 21st edition of CulturAmérica Festival in Pau and in different stages of Artix, Garlin, Bayonne and Semeac for around 600 people.

At the moment they are working on new compositions which represent a more personal phase with a much more madure sound. They will be part of their next second cd.


Olumbé (cd 2011)
Olumbé live France 2013 (in editting process)

Set List

Pancha Remolino
El Tamalito
Zamba Malató
Niña de lana
El Puente de los suspiros
El surco
Canto a Amador
Tus manos son de viento
Enciéndete Candela