Beach Boys climbing Shred Mountain.


Olympians are a music band that started in a basement in Norwich around two years ago with a guitar, bass, some drums, and a song about the board-game Risk. Now equipped with another guitar, two keyboards, a glockenspiel, a trumpet and four bellowing voices, Olympians just keep on growing. Their sound has moved from twiddly guitar-pop to brass-infused synth-drenched megatunes, exploring everything from drones to barbershop harmonies along the way.

"Lighthearted and exciting…calamitous yet incredibly tight." – Drowned in Sound

"Mathy pop music at its most glorious, hipshaking, best." – The 405


Adventure Gun (April 2013) - coming out with Barely Regal Records
Olympians Book Club (throughout 2012) - Barely Regal Records - played on 6Music and local BBC introducing shows
To Our Wives and Sweethearts (2011) - Evil Pop Records