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Olympic Lifts

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"Like AC/DC pumping Gorillaz at a Funkadelic party"


Olympic Lifts were born early in the 21st Century and broke the rules of pop music from day one. For a start they were white boys from Belfast, Ireland and were using hip-hop as a major influence on their unique new sound. They were putting together beats and stealing samples on a busted-up, blagged old computer and didn’t have a clue how to do it. They were smart though, and their lack of respect for the technology they were abusing only helped contribute to a sound no one had heard before or since.

Then they took it to the stage and things got exciting. The performances were legendary. Explosive energy, presence and performance, coupled with the party sound they had welded together, came at audiences like a fresh set of knuckledusters to both eyes and ears.

Back then they were 3. Classic hip-hop set up; 2 MCs and one DJ. But this thing that had come from nowhere had more growing in it yet and the format wasn’t enough. Additional assault was added with live bass and guitar. Things were getting bigger and better.

Soon they signed a deal, released a single, and made some underground waves in London, Europe & Japan. Then came the début album “Do One”. An outpouring of what they been working at since hammering on that busted computer. They took the album on tour across mainland Europe and the UK with the likes of Ugly Duckling, Lo-fidelity Allstars and even shared a stage with Kool Herc the inventor of hip-hop. To up the ante internationally, OL headed to the USA and then released “Do One” in Japan.

It was time to re-group. Olympic Lifts came off the road and settled into a country retreat to contemplate what they had achieved, decide where they were heading and then change the route-choice a bit by writing a new album.

Olympic Lifts have been spending the most part of 2007 in the studio working on their 3rd album. The follow up to last year's snappily titled 'Know the Way of the Lord or Learn the Way of the Sword' we are promised, will have an even more spectacular moniker. Boma, Pylon, Bigshow, Icerink and the Rock Suitcase(TM) have been hip-hopifying and funkufacturing 25-30 new pop hits. The first of these is being released on Bruised Fruit's new label in January 2008. 'I Am Cursed' is a poptastic assult on the ears and has been described as "Great. Funny, catchy and a sweet punch in the face to boot" by Snow Patrol front man Gary Lightbody.

They have very big plans for the third record though they are tight-lipped about their ideas. As is now expected, here is a huge leap forward with the new material; refinement and development of sound, more aggression, yet tunes even more accessible and catchy than before. There are also rumours about various musicians visiting the studio to guest on some tracks.

How they present all of this to the public remains to be seen, but clues could be gathered soon: Before finalizing any recordings, Olympic Lifts always like to try out the new songs on a live audience. This new album will be no exception. They are taking to the road from December 2007 to unleash their new material on audiences up and down the UK.

Current tour dates and more info can be found on the band's official myspace page: www.myspace.com/olympiclifts and more information about the single release can be obtained from www.bruisedfruitpromotions.com

Please direct all press enquiries to Jen McCullough at Bruised Fruit Promotions: jen@bruisedfruitpromotions.com


Nuts About You

Written By: Olympic Lifts

Nuts About You

I'd like to take a trip out to the country. I'll do the Full Monty. I'll dress up as a warden if you like. We should take a drive together cos I'm nuts about you but you've got no car.
A streetcar named desire. I'm on fire! I can see it now Vivien Leigh and me. I think we should be together cos I'm nuts about you. It's a shame you're dead.

In a car, in a bar I'm nuts about you.
In the club, in the tub I'm nuts about you.

I need another bed. I need a night's sleep. Christ on a bike! Notra Dame. Do I not like that? We should back massage each other cos I'm nuts about you but you really smell.
I know you want to be like The Hustler you didn't make a dressing you went and crashed an indycar. Come on let's play pool together cos I'm nuts about you but you're in a coma.

In the rain, on a plane I'm nuts about you.
On my own, on the phone I'm nuts about you.

You're deified, I'm certified. Don't be horrified but I'm goddamn nuts about you.

Come on let's get a pizza or some Tex-Mex. Why not ribs to start, meat, two veg and the ice-cream. Let's just bake a cake together cos I'm nuts about you but you're agoraphobic.
This milk, so it's good for your pyramids. You did what Cleopatra did and now my skin has turned to green. Come on skinny dip with me cos I'm nuts about you, yeah I'm nuts about you.

I'm nuts about her. She's nuts too.
She's highly intelligent. What does she do?
I got her autograph. She's such a star.
Her hair's so nice. It's a wig.
She's so free thinking. Goddamn hippies.
Even my dog likes her. The prosecution rests.
She even likes football. Oh really? Does she have a sister?

Backstage, in a cage I'm nuts about you.
It's just me can't you see I'm nuts about you.

Do The GetDown

Written By: Olympic Lifts

Do The Getdown

Am I the one you'd pawn your house for, cut your hair and lose your voice for? Who's the one you'd sell your kids for, fix the bets and raise the bids for? Where's the ones we sing this song for, sell our souls and so much more for?
Well he/she does not exist. You try to find a rhyme or a line or a sign from the limelight but the point is missed. Up there is just squares unaware they're believing their own hype. Get into the groove. Feel your feet move and they'll tell you you've got nothing to prove. It's them that do cos they're trying to make a living off an LP's worth of tunes.

These days if you've nothing to say then you'll sing it. That's just wrong so when I want to hear a good song I'll go and I'll write one:

Get down! Come on everybody.
Get down! Come on move your body.
Get down! Live the life all night long.
Get down! Come on everybody.
Get down! Come on move your body.
I feel alright now live the life all night long.

Come on let me see you strut now. Raise your chins and clench your butts now. Don't forget- take a step in any direction, any dimension. Let us tease you we will there is no reason to stand still so move it, shift, in any direction, any dimension! Expectations, misconceptions, phoney pre-conceived perceptions…just show your concentration, pure ambition, true conviction. Real addiction- express permission to express a vision that you understand. It's not Morse code, it's a news flash broadcast to your world.

Dance. Let me dance.

I Am Cursed

Written By: Olympic Lifts

The best song title ever in the history of the world - I wrote it on the back of my hand and washed it off. Re-Animator, the Orion stars in Terminator, is this video recorder rewinding or taking off? We should take it back to the hire shop. Is it ejecting or rejecting Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis? My shoes are so cool. Don't laugh. I know a boy who got out of bed one morning and his legs wouldn't work. He built a snooker table...I played on it and I broke it.

I was never good at cheating like you - monkey see, monkey do. Cheating at things to no particular end.

I am cursed. El Diablo Peligro Bellissimo, no. Monkey see, monkey do, it doesn't seem to work because I'm cursed.

You cursed and you cursed. It was relentless. You were embarrassed by my father - much too fond of Lenny Henry (he's on the hit list). My shoes were so cool. I was transfixed. Neck at right angles, walking into walls, realising you were wearing granny boots. You're pre-pubescent for chrissake! My favourite zip was YKK, I hope it's nothing to do with the clan, and it gets stuck, it gets stuck and I'm lying on the dancefloor in a pool of sick. It was the worst music I've ever heard.

I was never good at drinking like you - monkey see, monkey do. Drinking things with no particular name.

I am cursed...


Single :: I Am Cursed :: (UK/Japan) 2008

Single :: Nuts About You :: (Japan) 2007

Album :: Know The Way Of The Lord Or Learn The Way Of The Sword :: (UK) 2006 / (Japan) 2007

Album :: Do One :: (Japan) 2004
Single :: Madeline's Lies :: 2004
Single :: Evil Rock Ears :: 2004
Single :: Horizontally Vertical :: 2004

Album :: Do One :: (UK/Europe) 2003
Single :: International Hex :: 2003

Single :: New Wrecking Crew :: 2002