Olympus Mans

Olympus Mans


two piece melodic rock, sometimes stripped down piano/drums, sometimes filled up with samples and layers.


We are cousins, so we've been playing together forever. This group is influenced by modern rock--don't want to name names though. We range from very acoustic to very electronic throughout our typical set, although we do perform occasionally entirely without electronics, only piano sounds and acoustic drum sounds. But the show we nearly always do is the blended set.


'Shelf Life' EP: released January 18 2008

Set List

We play nearly all originals, and throw in a cover if the crowd seems like they'd like it. Typical night:
Ein Rant
Foot in the Door
Jacket of Arms
Here in the Basin
Pictures from the War
Commander Guy
In Love with a Comeback
Shelf Life 1
Shelf Life 2
Our Eyes were watching Dog
Media Storm

That's usually about an hour or so.