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Album: The Journey (2011)

Official video release (Nov. 2011): Nityananda - Eternal Happiness



Since 2008, OM has been playing live on various instruments which originate from different parts of the world. Our style, defined as ethno-fusion, combines contemporary genres (folk, pop, rock) with ethnic motives from all around the world through a variety of unconventional instruments such as djembe, didgeridoo, pipe, jaw harp, kazoo, ocarina, etc. and classical instruments like flute, guitar, keyboard, etc.

OM is a Romanian band who's lyrics are in Sanskrit and it is a charitable music project, as most of the money obtained
from concerts and CDs are used in humanitarian purposes. The name reflects exactly these characteristics, because OM has a profound meaning in both languages. In Romanian, OM means HUMAN. Our choice wasn’t coincidental, on the contrary, it underlines the message we promote: to be a HUMAN implies more than just breathing, eating, sleeping and working. It means being creative, generous, attentive to your surroundings, it means seeking the purpose of this world and of your existence, it means truly being… a HUMAN (OM). Together with the novel sound of the band, the charitable project we started is an attempt to remind the audience the fact that art can be an attractive way to look beyond our personal needs, to have a purpose which isn’t limited and doesn’t limit us to the self-centeredness of the personal pronoun „I”.

On the other hand, in Sanskrit, OM represents the sound that can be eternally heard everywhere, being known as the first audible vibration that has spread throughout the Universe. OM band translates this concept through its original music and thus the only borderline of creativity is infinity. The sound dwells in everything that surrounds us, creating the atmosphere inside and outside ourselves and the whole world moves in its rhythm. Listen to it and discover its secrets!