Omar Akram

Omar Akram

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandWorldNew Age

“In a world where communication and understanding between cultures is sometimes difficult, I hope my music can serve as a form of international language that crosses any cultural barriers."


Echoes of Love

When Omar Akram is composing at the piano, he has a unique criteria for determining whether a song is worthy of developing further. During those initial bursts of inspiration, instead of recording what he’s just played, he lets the melody go and moves on to something else. Later, if it starts jangling over and over in his mind, he knows he’s onto something special. With the release of his fourth collection on Real Music, three words perfectly reflect this intuitive, heartfelt process: Echoes of Love.

Driven by his ongoing desire to bring beauty and love to the world–and a renewed perspective on life as a first time expectant father—the New York born, Los Angeles based composer expresses his musical heart freely, and often times, exotically, on the 12 tracks he co-wrote with keyboardist and album producer Gregg Karukas, a popular contemporary jazz recording artist in his own right.

While Akram’s hypnotic piano magic is always front and center, a specially chosen batch of renowned L.A. musicians add remarkable touches of groove and global music influences to the Echoes mix: violinist Charlie Bisharat (who has worked with everyone from Strunz & Farah and Shadowfax to Kelly Clarkson and Linkin Park), guitarist Ramon Stagnaro (Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion), Mark Hollingsworth (flute, Persian ney and wind effects) and Brian Kilgore (ethnic percussion).

True to the universal spirit of all of his recordings, Akram’s music has traveled to and made fans in many unexpected places over the past few years. Fans everywhere from Romania and Germany to South America have created a total of more than 50 homemade YouTube videos pairing homemade images with tracks from his entire Real Music catalog, which includes Secret Journey and the first two albums he released under his first name Omar, Opal Fire (2002) and Free As a Bird (2004)—all of which hit the Top 15 on Billboard’s New Age chart. “Passage Into Midnight” from Free As a Bird has received five million views, and overall these clips have generated over seven million and counting. One of Akram’s most prominent fans is Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (“The Alchemist”), whose use of “Dancing With The Wind” as the music on his Myspace page earned Akram thousands of new fans.

“The social media boom that’s happened since my last album Secret Journey came out has been incredible, and it has taken my music across the world in ways I could never have fathomed, one ‘share’ at a time,” says Akram, who grew up the son of a United Nations Diplomat living everywhere from the Washington, DC area and France to Prague, Cuba and his ancestral home of Afghanistan. “I think in this day and age, that many ‘hits’ reminds me that if I am putting out music of passion and high quality, that will translate to the excitement of fans who can take it to the next level.”
“I grew up traveling everywhere so a lot of my songs and the production textures stem from being exposed to many different types of music and cultures,” he adds. “The YouTube success is also meaningful because writing music is all about breaking down and transcending cultural barriers. Having been in so many different countries, I have come to realize that we need to embrace aspects of each culture that make them unique and special. Even though one tune may lean Middle Eastern and another may tap into flamenco influences, I really don’t see any distinction on an emotional and spiritual level.”

Akram sweeps the listener into the rich experience of Echoes of Love with the seductive and sweeping title track, whose lush piano melody, ambience and gentle percussion are complemented by Hollingsworth organic flute harmonies and Bisharat’s swaying violin. The sensual invitation to “Take My Hand” begins with Akram’s sweet, easy rolling piano before gliding into a tender piano-violin duet with Stagnaro’s beautiful guitar harmonies. “Lovely Day” starts mystically, with flute and exotic sampled male and female voices, then soars with a mix of those voices, piano and violin. Akram came up with the title of “Miracle” on the day he found out that his wife was expecting their first child; like the innocence of a sleeping baby, the tune is graceful and gentle, as Bisharat’s elegant violin rises over the soft guitar and piano melody and harmony lines. The same piano-violin-guitar dynamic infuses the powerful, Latin flavored “Finally Home,” only the soft and lush gives way to fiery and jamming, complete with dramatic soundscapes.

After the playful, easy loping violin and piano jaunt “Draw Me Close,” Akram and his band continue to share the sense of “Free Spirit” that drives the whole album, building emotional intensity with Hollingsworth’s dynamic flute playing off the piano and acoustic guitar melodies and counterpoints. Although Akram intends the theme of Echoes of Love to apply to a spirit of unity and cultural connection, his graceful references to interpersonal love on the unabashedly


Opal Fire
Free as a bird
Secret Journey

Set List

Run away with me
Secret Journey
Passage of the Heart
Gypsy Spirit
Whispers in the moonlight
Dancing in the wind
Passage into Midnight
Falling through the rain
Opal Fire
Beauty unveiled