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"Oud virtuoso Omar Bashir eager to perform in Abu Dhabi"

DUBAI // One of the world's most renowned oud players said he was looking forward to two concerts in the UAE because of the nation's status as a Middle East centre for art and culture. Omar Bashir, 40, who is of Iraqi and Hungarian parentage, was speaking before his performances in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain this weekend. "The Gulf region is the most important area for those interested in oud," he said. "And in the UAE I have many fans. Also, it is a crucial centre for media and the arts so it is important for me to come here."

- The national

"Iraqi oud player collabrates with Quincy jones"

Omar Bashir to write music for the Global Gumbo All Stars - Rolling Stones


Body of Work and Performances
Omar Bashir released a total of 20 CD’s. His most recent album ‘Crazy Oud’ was released by the record company EMI. The sales of this CD has topped the charts in several Arab countries.
1994 ‘Duet of the Two Bashirs: Munir &Omar’. Dubbed by the French papers at the time as ‘the best musical performance’.

1997 ‘ From the Euphrates to the Danub’ – mix of Oud and Western music. The title of this CD refers to the Danube where Omar Bashir was born and the land of the Eurphrates was the where he grew up.

1998 ‘Ashwaq’ – Solo Ud performance. Same year: ‘My Memories’ – Oud & Percussion

1998 ’ Flaminco Night’ – recording of a live concert of the last concert Omar performed with his father before his death .


‘Al Andalus’- Oud and guitar – the first time this combination was ever played - produced by Shahin Production - Lebanon.

Also same year: ‘Zikrayati’ – My Memories- Oud and percussion.
1999-2000 ‘To My Father’ – Oud & percussion – playing pieces that were performed together with his father. Improvisation and Taqasim & Maqamat

2000 Live Solo Oud Performance- Beirut – Lebanon. By Bashir records.

2001 ‘Sound of Civilizations’ -Budha Bar ‘chill out’ style of music.


‘Gypsy Oud’- Oud with Hungarian Gypsy music.
‘Latin Oud’ – Rotana – it was the most important turning point in my life. It attracted the younger generation to the sound of Oud. The first time in the history of Oud this instrument Latin tunes.

2009 ‘Oud Hawl al Alam’ –Oud Around the World - CD & DVD- live concert in Budapest. The first time the combination of Oud and Guitar was ever made.

2010 ‘Crazy Oud’ – big collection -styles – comprehensive and represent 20 years retrospective. The styles were: Iraqi Maqam, Rumba, Falminco, blues, ambient, classic, folklore & improvisation. This Album was included in Claude Challe selected Album .
Also same year:Masters of Oud’ Duets performed by Munir Bashir & Omar Bashir - EMI
EMI CD Remixs : ‘Baghdad Blues’ - ‘Desert Launch’ and ‘Mesopotamix’ and ‘Café’ du Paris’.

2012 ‘Takasim’- Solo oud recording.By INEDIT records.



Omar Bashir Born in 1970 in Hungary. His mother is Hungarian and his father was the Legend of Iraqi Oud Munir Bashir and his uncle was the Oud Maestro Jamil Bashir.
At the age of five, Omar left Hungary with his parents to live in Iraq, where he grew up.
The Oud which accompanies him everywhere in his performances, is the very one that was given to him by his father Munir Bashir when he was five years old when Omar began his classical Oud training by his father, practising for up to five hours daily.
At the age of seven Omar joined the Baghdad Music and Ballet School where he made his Oud solo debut at the age of nine, performing solo at the Baghdad Conservatory.
In his late teens he became teacher at the Baghdad Music and Ballet school, setting up his own band of 24 musicians specialising in classical Iraqi music.
Omar debut with his father Munir Bashir was at the age of thirteen and by the age of twenty, he was regularly performing Oud alongside his father.
In 1991 Omar’s parents moved back to Hungary, where Omar studied piano, singing and direction of choir at the Liszt Ferenc University, continuing to work and perform Oud duets alongside his father until Munir Bashir’s death in 1997. The father and son performed internationally: Egypt and various countries in the Arab world, Russia, Turkey, USA, Canada and Europe.
The death of his father marked a turning point in Omar Bashir’s musical career. Finding his unique musical identity and sound through experimenting and exploring various instruments alongside his Oud. He also collaborated with many international artist. He was granted copyright by Gypsy King to perform one of their songs.
Omar won many recognitions and international award for his work and musical achievement. He has performed internationally in most prestigious musical halls and often in the presence of notable figures.
On the first Anniversary of the World Trade Centre by official invitation from the Institute and the US government and The Institute of Arab Music. The aim was to raise funds for the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra who were brought over to perform in the US. He also took part in various charity performances to raise fund for Iraqi children.

Omar have been selected to be one of the member of the legend of the music industry Mr.Quincy Jones in his (All Stars) project,beside some of world famous artists like the 2011 Grammy Winner Esperanza Spalding, beside that he had preformed with Jordi Saval of Barcelona in "Jerusalem " project in more than 30 countries for the past 2 years.

His most poplar album 'latin Oud' and ‘Crazy Oud’ was released by the mega record company EMI and the sales of those 2 albums has topped the charts in several Arab countries.

In 2006 Omar had established his own group including the finest hungarian musicians in Budapest,with this group Omar presents his compositions in unique style, and innovative technique on oud and also the heritage of the modern oud school the"Bashir style" which was found by his late father Munir Bashir and based on iraqi traditional music, the iraqi maqam.