Omar Simon

Omar Simon


Omar Simon is a R&B/Soul singer .Omar has an amazing smooth soulful voice and is an electrifying performer backed by a superb 6 piece band.Omars chilled groove underpins his truly magnetic and irresistable charm to connect with his audience especially the ladies.Omar Simon ,a true slice of R&B/Soul.


Omar was born in Paddington, London. But soon after he and his sisters moved to Montserrat to be raised by his grandmother, while his parents remained in the U.K working hard to support the family.

While immersing himself in the colourful culture of Calypso; gospel; Reggae; and the laid back vibe of the Caribbean he recalls making his first guitar out of sardine cans and fishing lines.

In his early teens he moved back to London to be reunited with his parents, where he continued to develop his musical taste while listening to his father’s old 45s of Sam Cooke, Brook Bent, and Nat King Cole.

Over the next few years he continued to develop his song writing skills, while regularly performing at venues across the UK.
During this time he fell in love with an Irish girl and soon after marrying her he decided to make Ireland his home. There he continued to pursue his musical aspirations in the shape of song writing and recording.

After hearing some of Omar’s demo recordings on his myspace page Ramus Records enthusiastically approached the artist with a record deal.

Omar has just finished his debut Irish album for that label, Ramus Records, with the first single released in September 2007.With the album scheduled for release in early February 2008.

Omar is looking forward to sharing his music with a wider audience “Whatever I feel emotionally, good or bad, I try to bring out in my songs, and hope that other people will share those feelings”.
Not only a release of an album, but a release of Omar’s inner-self.


Get Up Off Your Funk

Written By: Omar Simon


Thought you’d be rich and be famous
Finding out it ain’t easy
Well boy there’s only one shot
So you gotta give it all you got

So get up off your funk
Get up off your funk
Get up off your funk
Get up off your funky behind


I see you looking at the sky above
Saying ‘lord please rain down on me’
Whilst your hands are tied to your side
That ain’t the way life’s supposed to be


Mama always told me son
Don’t go play no fool
Don’t try to be the man
Get up stand up for what you believe in
The good man always suffers condemnation


Words and music by Omar Simon

You're All I Need

Written By: Omar Simon

You’re all I need

Every minute every hour of the day
I bend my knees and put my face down and pray
Thank you lord for the good things that you’ve given me
And that you sent this beautiful girl my way

Other fellas don’t know about the love we share
And try romancing my girl when I’m not there
But then she turns and looks them straight between the eye
This love I have inside that I hide I keep only for my guy

And when she calls me on the cell phone
Keep the fire warm babe I’ll soon be home
I said baby don’t you worry take your time
You’re a blessing from above, I’m in love, so glad that you’re mine
(That’s when I tell her that)

Your all I need (every minute every hour of the day)
Your all I need (don’t you ever take your sweet love away)
I bend my knees and put my face down and pray
I hope this last forever us together come what may

Take a stroll to the park hand in hand
Don’t care they talk about us, they don’t understand
The things young people do for the sake of love
wanna take you on a ride up in the sky high above

The ladies worry what’s wrong with this man
He doesn’t wanna know when I come on strong
Is he playing hard to get or is he just sincere
Don’t understand why does he bother she’s not here

I bend me knees and put me face down and pray
Lord keep me safe and no badda make me stray
Cause this ya woman that me love say nobody compare
Dem a look, them a stare but this ya love a me no share
Walk in a de park wid we hand in hand
This ya blessing from above but them no fe understand
A no so we no mad but we love a dis ya song
Everybody ina de house let me hear you sing along

Words and music by Omar Simon


Omar Simon’s first single ‘Bring Me Joy’ off his debut album ‘Our World’ (due for release in February 2008) was released on Friday the 21st of September 2007.
Omar recorded his album in Grammy award winner John Hudson’s Mayfair Studios in Primrose hill London. The album was mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound NYC. Chris’s credits include Rihanna, Nas, Joss Stone, Wu Tang Clan to name a few.
The album was produced by the mercurial talents of O.D Hunte.

The Single is on itunes ,Napster,Wippet,Rhapsody,emusic...

It has been give national and regional airplay on 2fm ,RTE Radio 1 ,Todayfm ,104Fm,SpinFm ,98Fm,Cork96,Redfm,Midlands Radio,Tipp fm ,Galway Bay fm, Dundalk fm......

Set List

Usual length of gig is 1 hour 15 minutes.
Set list includes
Key Of Life
Bring Me Joy
Youre All I Need
Get Up Off Your funk
Slow dance
time Goes
Our World
Conscious Mind
Children of Tommorrow
Give Me Peace

Covers include
Marvin Gayes Whats Going On
Bob Marleys Redemption Song