omaur bliss

omaur bliss

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Andre 3000 meets Ludacris with dirty club production with a Rock, R&B Soul flavor


Minneapolis rapper Omaur Bliss has come a long way since the release of his self titled debut LP in 2005. Five years in the making the upbeat, soul infused hip-hop album was local success - receiving great praise and reviews. Omaur assembled a talented band and toured extensively for the next few years. With the help of lasting air play and props from local radio personalities, Omaur Bliss accumulated an army of dedicated followers.

An all-star cast of musicians and supporting vocalists transformed the sample and production based album into a high energy headlining act that packed venues with happy dancing fans. The addictive live sound took his songs to a new place and gave listeners reason to attend every show. Getting back to his roots, Omaur carries the energy into his entertaining solo sets

Influences of Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye have melded with the jazzy soul poeticness of Andre 3000 and the raw lyrics and voice of Ludacris creating a mix of hard hitting club tracks, edgy vocals, smooth soul, and unique avant-garde beats.


Medida Apple S Apple Z
Omaur Bliss "self titled"
Omac Montainya: Death of An Unheard Rap Cowboy
Aby Wolf What U Waitin 4 "Sweet Prudence"
Lazerbeak & Mictlan of Doomtree Young Hunger "Hand over Fist"
Sims of Doomtree false hopes 14
Yoni Twilight "End of an Era"