The Omega Project

The Omega Project


"AUDIO ORGASMS for the Renewal of the Biosphere" is the mission statement and new CD title of the funky all-original, psychedelic genre-bending jam band originating in Kauai, Hawaii and based in New Orleans -THE OMEGA PROJECT. www.omegaprojectmusic .com



"'AUDIO ORGASMS' for the Renewal of the Biosphere": is THE OMEGA PROJECT's mission
statement. This funky all-original, full vocal, psychedelic jam band with turntables is born out of a conscious community network on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and is based in the NEW New Orleans. With Carlos Cardona on lead guitar & lead vocals, Patience Ahonui on bass & vocals, Nauman Steele Scott IV on drums, and Nick Pino, DJ-JQ, spinning turntables,
THE OMEGA PROJECT is a genre-bending diverse jam band like no other. Playing all original
music covering styles from rock to funk, from blues to punk, latin, jazz and everything in between,
their unique and fresh sound inspire dance, celebration and positive change wherever they go.
THE OMEGA PROJECT combine psychedelic grooves and uplifting vocals to captivate their audience
and to move them to an 'audio orgasm'. THE OMEGA PROJECT also set theirselves apart from the
rest with their spirit raising heartfelt acoustic songs. THE OMEGA PROJECT have deep roots firmly established in the natural world with intention toward positive creation and Earth preservation for future generations. THE OMEGA PROJECT are doing their part to free and enlighten people through music and celebration, and are holding a vision of a New Earth expanding into the Universal. Some of
the favorite highlights of their resume include opening for MICHAEL FRANTI with Spearhead,
opening for Steve Kimmock and Bill Kruetzman of THE DEAD, playing several private
parties for famed actor Pierce Brosnan "James Bond 007" and playing the Seattle HEMPFEST this past summer. Coming up this November, THE OMEGA PROJECT, are very excited to be playing in Amsterdam for the 18th annual High Times Cannabis Cup as the house band of the grand celebration! THE OMEGA PROJECT are emerging
strongly on the national music scene and are already booking well in to next year.
For booking information or to order the new CD "AUDIO ORGASMS", contact Natalie or Carlos with THE OMEGA PROJECT at tollfree
(877 )832-2129.
In the Spirit of Music, Aloha!!
The Omega Project
CD availbale for purchase through CDBABY.COM


Summers Corner

Written By: Carlos Cardona

Tell me baby, do you like my company?
Tell me baby, do you like my style?
Tell me baby, would you stay with me for a while?
Tell me baby, do you like to make fun of me?
Tell me baby, do i get you high?
Tell me baby, would you leave me on the wayside?

This world is mine and I'm claiming everything that I need, so please dont think of it as greed because I need to succeed. I just need a peice of land so that I can plant some weed, and have a place to grow my food, lord I'm down on bended knee. Give me humility as I walk this walk you put me on show me divinity and everything just keep me safe from harm I've been charmed with this ability to get lost inside this beat and I've been armed with this artilery keeping me safe on unsafe streets. I'm like a phantom and I can vanish in one beat of a heart beat, smoke weed and play guitar walk late at night on a dark street, angels wings my spirit sings this music changes everything and I can breathe and start to see enightenment its all a dream all what it seems, theres no need to try to read between the lines.... IN DEFIANCE OF COMPLIANCE EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!!


Written By: Carlos Cardona

Thats when you went and changed. Left behind all that remained, put to rest all that remained the same. It meant so much to me, when they crucified my beliefs, judging them to be insanity. Why not open your eyes? Somewhere better to belong, somewhere better then this babylon. And Lord help me not to fall. Take us all away from here, send a band of angels to destroy it all. And we would live with you. Peaceful as eternity, cause loving you is all we'd have to do. Jah love protect me now, from the perils that may come. Because I know that you pour your spirit on everyone. And I do succeed, Lord with you in me.
And I need you to wake up I need you to stand tall. I need your light ,I need your love ,I need your all.
Because you were my first love, and your my first choice. You are my strenght ,you are my friend ,you are my voice.


Written By: Carlos Cardona



CD-Underground and Around
CD-Lillikoi Graveyard
CD-Omega Project Live at Moes Alley, Santa Cruz
CD-Audio Orgasms*

airplay in Hawaii, California & New Orleans

Set List

THE OMEGA PROJECT''s Music is fun and danceable and all-original. Our set legnth varies by venue and audience.