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Crossphazer.com got a chance to hang out with O'MEGA RED at a party bus last night in NYC. I had a great time and made some new friends along the way. The party was very official and the CD was top notch as well. We look forward to doing more things with OMEGA RED in the future. This is a very focused and confident artist I am sure the sky is the limit for this guy. - www.crossphazer.com

"Putting the pieces back together"

"Putting the pieces back together At 28, Rapper Omega Red has learned hard lessons. Now he's working hard to make it in music and life"

In addition, the 28-year-old artist’s latest mixtape, ‘‘The Red Tape Volume II,’’ is selling well online and on the streets. This exposure is bringing him more opportunities to perform. ‘‘The music gets out there,’’ he says, ‘‘and people just start hitting me up [for gigs].’’

But this success has been hard won. That might seem surprising — Grant happens to be the nephew of disco and soul legend Donna Summer. But the rapper has never been one to choose the easy path. - Boston Globe

""O'mega Red's 'Red October' out October 2010." – Music Review"

"O’mega Red has an ear for melody and is actually quite the hood poet. His lyrics, whether they describe stories from the streets or his feelings about love, are written with care showcasing his knack for a good hook. " - www.zoiksonline.com

"Red October Is On The Rise"

"O’Mega Red has been laying the groundwork in new and exciting tracks, frank and poignant lyrics and influences from all genre of music. O’Mega Red is quickly making a name for himself in the music world. In fact, he is a two-time recipient of the New England Urban Music Awards Rap Artist of the Year and nominee of the prestigious Boston Music Awards." - www.scoopsizzle.com

"Former Military Man Omega Red Puts New Twist On Old Ideas"

"“Between all the streets stuff, I was an eclectic kid.” Red told AllHipHop.com. “I had the chance to see different sides of the game.” Red said that he lived in both suburban and impoverished areas of Massachusetts, including a famous family member. " - www.allhiphop.com

"Putting the Pieces Back Together"

At 28, Rapper Omega Red has learned hard lessons. Now he's working to make it in music and life.

http://www.staygrindin.com/omega_red.html - Boston Globe

"Rap Happy"

Get your hip hop on with a free concert, awards show, and bboy competition. Performing will be M.I.C. Award winner for Lyricist of the Year - Omega Red.

- Boston Herald

"School of Rap"

Hub Students learn from pros in Hip Hop 101.

- Boston Herald

"Mic Check"

Featured artist from Boston - Omega Red.

- Mic Magazine

"Best of the Best Ofs"

Omega Red: The Red Tape Vol. One - Boston's Omega Red sets tracks ablaze and shows off his lyrical dexterity with his latest street banger.

- The Source Magazine


“Turn It Around” featuring Ray J - nationwide airplay
“She Luvs It” featuring Detail - nationwide airplay
“Soul Clap” - nationwide airplay



As music artist, producer and arranger Omega Red, otherwise known as Robert Grant, has refined his blend of reality rap that has earned him critical acclaim and wide spread appeal. Omega Red has an infectious charisma on and off stage and is known for his dynamic live performances, whether he is backed by DJs or rock bands.

Omega Red started 2008 recording the single “Turn It Around” featuring Ray J. Following up with the success of this record, Omega Red has recorded two singles “She Luvs It” and “Endz” produced by Noel “Detail” Fisher of Konvict Muzik for Omega Red’s forthcoming album Red October. Also for the album, Omega Red is honored to have recorded with living legend KRS – One for the single “What’s The Odds Of This”, produced by Duane “Da Rock” Ramos.

Omega Red is a two time recipient of the New England Urban Music Awards Rap Artist of The Year (2006-2007). Omega Red is also a two time nominee for Lyricist of The Year by the Massachusetts Industry Committee Awards (2006-2007). Omega Red’s musical impact in the Boston scene has not gone unnoticed by the Boston Globe, which did a major feature on him in April 2007.

Omega Red’s music singles “Soul Clap”, “Magic” and “Forever Young” have been spun by radio and club DJ’s nation wide. He has also maintained his exposure through the release of two mix tapes, one of which was hosted by Boston’s JAMN 94.5’s DJ Roy Barboza. Omega Red has been featured in Source Magazine and was a top ten finalist in the Scion Next Up competition.

Growing up in the streets of Beantown, Omega Red had previously led a troubled life. Realizing that he did not want to be another statistic, Omega Red changed his environment and joined the U S Air Force. His service introduced him to many cultures, which ultimately influenced his perception of music and the world.

With his string of recent successes, Omega Red remains humble and keeps close to his roots. Omega Red mentors youth in Hip Hop culture through Boston’s Citizens Schools, an after school education collaborative.

Omega Red is co-founder and a principal for music entertainment company Stay Grindin’ Inc. and is co-founder of the award winning production group The Jugganautz. Omega Red honed his craft of rapping from major influences such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z. Make no mistake, Omega Red lyrical flow and music has an undeniable distinctive and remarkable sound and he is committed to winning over audiences around the world.