Omega Swan

Omega Swan

 Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA

Omega Swan is a heavy hitting Rock and Roll trio from Nashville, TN. With one of the most electrifying live performances in the nation, Omega is quickly on the rise in the highly competitive Music City. Classic, yet modern. Raw but refined. Ready to bring the party to any sized venue, anytime.


Omega Swan is a new wave of commercial rock based out of Nashville, Tennessee, producing a sound that is totally fresh and innovative. With influences from a variety of different musical styles, Omega fuses genres in a way that is modern yet vintage simultaneously. In the eyes of Omega Swan, the classic rock soul that was lost long ago needs rejuvenation, and with a mix of modern styles they have recreated a sound that the music scene has not seen in quite some time. Since the last savior of Rock music, Jack White, there haven̢۪t been many groups to accurately produce the riffage once captured by legendary groups such as Led Zeppelin or the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Omega is on the road to becoming the next Rock n Roll band of this generation. But this being said, Omega does not just try to imitate these Rock groups of the past, rather they blend an array of modern styles to create something completely new. Their sound is one that can not be replicated, and with electronic guitar tones, grungy riffs, metal inspired power drumming and bluesy, storytelling vocals, Omega Swan delivers one of the most powerful and raw performances in the highly competitive Music City area.


Get Along - Single (Radio Airplay)
Arrow Through my Brain - Single
OS-I (LP Coming Soon)