Omega Tribe

Omega Tribe


A highly volatile mix of Death Metal, 90’s Thrash and Southern groove, this band defines old school heavy metal to the fullest. With devastating grooves, dark melodic passages, and an overall defiant attitude, Omega Tribe is one of Tennessee’s hardcore metal titans.


Formed in the summer of 1999 by members of local favorites like Filo Beddo, The Forgotten, Act of Violence, and Punchin Judy, Omega Tribe quickly became one of the scene's most talked about acts due to their insane live shows and the old-school attitude that always seemed to separate them from their peers. On New Year's Eve of 2000, Omega Tribe released their self-titled debut. The album, while still a local classic, was hampered with less-than-perfect production, which failed to showcase the raw energy and heaviness behind the band. Soon after, the band released "Omega Tribe: Live" which was recorded at The Casbah in Johnson City, Tennessee, to hold fans over until the next release.

However, it seemed fate had other plans for Omega Tribe, as founding member and guitarist, Rick Morrell, decided to leave the band to spend more time with his family in mid 2002. Later, in 2002, Omega Tribe found a new guitarist in the form of Rick Centeno, but this collaboration was short-lived. For a brief period, the Tribe even ended the search for a second guitarist and opted to continue as a four-piece. But the Tribe soon began jamming with Gene Hughes, a longtime friend of the band and guitarist for fellow local favorites, One 30 Edge. Before long, Gene offered to fill in for the band as a second guitarist at live shows.

After quite a few successful live shows with the Tribe, Gene officially joined as the fifth member of the band. Focused and even more lethal than ever, the band continued to work on their long-awaited second release, titled "Necromegacon." “Necromegacon” was finally released in May of 2004. Even though the band were pleased with the outcome of the record, they set their sights on the future and their next recording, “No End”. With this album, the band promised their best work to date…and Omega Tribe doesn’t break promises. “No End” is the definitive collection of this band and a testament to their unconditional love and conviction for true blue heavy metal. From the breakneck speed of “Callous” to the somber melodic passages of the album’s title track, Omega Tribe does not fail to deliver an album that will emerge as their finest offering and also, the most ambitious recording of their existence.


Under One Sun

Written By: Pat Carter

The harlot rides the beast
Snaps the rains, lightening rain upon thee
Deeper into the east
We stake the claim

Bodies scattered, flesh baking in the sun
Designed to dominate
We are no better than the apes

Unity is a fallacy,
Divided under one sun

The Race, The creed, The color,
We are one under one sun


We have destroyed all of our brothers
Empire of hate, racial domination
We reign in fire supreme
We have destroyed our brother
One race, one creed
All colors, all beliefs
We have destroyed our brothers

Rise from this day. crushing the hate
That has been taught by our fore fathers.
Drenched in the blood, writhe in disgust
The blood on our hands

Who reigns supreme in this generals dream
There is no one there is no victory
When innocents die, there is no victory.

Bottom Feeder

Written By: Pat Carter

You’re worthless

Don’t waste your time thinking about me
Dwelling on me
You never were a friend
I kept you at arms length
Your fascination is unhealthy
Leave me the fuck alone
Well I can’t believe the things you say

Chorus 1:
Well I like the way you invite yourself
To be part of my life

I like the way you invite yourself
To be part of my life
You worthless fucking leech
You’ve drained to much life from me
All of those years you pissed away
You’ve earned your doctrict in back-stabbing
You are a piece of shit

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
The filth of your presence obscene
Your life has been lived like a dream
Your conquest are petty, you suffer
You suffer


I count the days until your demise
I hope and pray at night
That you don’t wake in the morn
The vile untruths, the lives that you’ve torn
The Back-stabbing, the whispering
Crawl to me on your scraped knees
Beg of me, with no reprieve,
You are a piece of shit

Chorus 2


Written By: Pat Carter

By the grace of his hand,
From my cold dead hands,
You murder.
Spilling the blood of God’s lamb.
The extinction of man,
You fucking Murder, you murder.

Smile like the murder that you are.
Grinning through the shards of bone
In your teeth.
Eyes fixed on bettering, your state of affairs.
While the world’s door wares a wreath.



Driven by the hatred, & the will to succeed.
This land is ours for the taking.
Drive them out, destroy their lives.
Destroyers of freedom, the parchment of lies.


Chorus 2:
Blazing the way to oblivion,
The pioneers of destruction.
Ashes of civilization in our wake.

Chorus 2 x 3


Omega Tribe 3 Song Demo (1999, Out of Print)
Omega Tribe (2000)
Omega Tribe Live (2001, Out of Print)
Omega Tribe 3 songs +1 (2003, Out of Print)
Necromegacon (2004)
No End (2004)

Necromegacon won Album of the Year for WRZK's (Citidale Broadcasting) "Edgie Awards" in 2004.

The track Blood for Blood (off Necromegacon) has received national air play, and is featured on Music Choice.

The CD "No End" was released on New Year's Eve 2004/2005 & in gaining momentum.

Set List

Our set list is all original material, no covers. Our usual "opening" set is 30-45 minutes (7-8 songs), and our headlining set is 60-90 minutes (11-20 songs). We have done covers in the past, ranging from The Police to The Cult to S.O.D. A set typically involves songs from our three major releases. The revolving set list includes these song titles:
Walking With God
Falling From Grace
Soul On Fire
The Cycle
This Wall
Portrait of the Dead
Blood for Blood
War Inside
No End
Under One Sun
No Love Lost
Night Terror
King Snake
Bottom Feeder