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Bear Attack

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Alternative Indie




"Introducing: Bear Attack - "August""

Meet Bear Attack. They are, in this blogger’s humble opinion, the best band to come out of USC’s Popular Music Program (which has produced such brilliant talents as The Voice‘s Lily Elise, Jayme Dee [featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film The Hunger Games], at least one of the members of The Miracals, and Rozzi Crane [also featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack, in collaboration with Maroon 5]).

Their signature restrained male-female harmonic interplay reminds one of a female Simon & Garfunkel, The Head and the Heart, or The Swell Season, and their heavily acoustic instrumentation is so clearly arranged, so crisply tuned, that I couldn’t help but notice when they took the stage at a party at my frat. This inspired some serious facebook fandom, and many listens to their impeccably-produced EP (which they funded through Kickstarter).

They just received some notice in the LA Times, as their song “August” was featured in the recent season finale of the ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars. Every piece of attention and exposure they get is deserved. Having heard them live, I have to say that they maintain and, dare I say it, even surpass the sound in the recorded versions of their songs.

In their ‘influences’ section of their Facebook page, the band lists Eric Whitacre as an influence. Whitacre, as any true choir nerd knows, is the preeminent modern choral composer, and his influence is discernible in the band’s music. Their chord changes are complex and infectious, and their harmonies are as tight as any great band on the road today (The Head and the Heart again come to mind). Their drummer also deserves some serious recognition for playing restrained, driving backbeats that even fellow blogger (and talented percussionist) Chris would be proud of, dynamicizing the song perfectly along with the other instrumental tracks.

Don’t believe me? Check them out below, and on Facebook for further proof of their awesomeness. - Life After Nirvana

"Bear Attack - August"

Perfect music to enjoy while waking up! - Good Music All Day

"Bear Attack - Shapes EP"

As a music writer, the first instinct is to compare a surfacing artist to a band with an already established sound. When listening to Bear Attack’s EP Shine, I am faced with the difficulty of trying to find any kind of accurate comparison. The synths and drumbeat on opening track “Mother” are reminiscent of post-OK Computer Radiohead; “Exit
Hymn,” with the LA rain caught on tape and way it grows and swells to an expansive peak could be compared to Sigur Ros; and one could see the powerful, lonely love song “August” having roots in the sounds of The Shins or The Smiths. But in the end, Shapes doesn’t really sound like it could have been recorded by any of these bands.

With their first official EP, the Los Angeles quintet makes a strong statement for a debut. From songs about unassailable love separated by distance, to a piece concerning the existential power of the need to create, this collection of six tracks does exactly what a first record should – treat the listener to a rich tapestry full of varying textures and intelligent, poetic lyrics. Guitarist Brandon Bae fills the space between acoustic piano and guitar chords with well-chosen effects, while the gentle, intimate vocals of Eric Radloff and Mia Minichiello constantly weave in and out of each other. The closing track “Shine” (my favorite) begins as a personal journey into the heart before bursting forth into the bright sunlight of the world, surrounded by the intertwining colors and shapes created by Bae’s guitar solo.

It’s impossible that this group won’t be on the rise in Los Angeles within the next year or two, with Shapes only marking the beginning – you can get the EP over on the group’s Bandcamp. - Quit Mumbling

"Bear Attack - The Backpack Song"

Los Angeles based indie rockers Bear Attack met at a Popular Music Course at USC, and decided to start playing together after being backup musicians for other various Southern California bands. After they formed, they created their first EP Shapes, which features the song below. “The Backpack Song” is a soft, inviting, and endearing track. Between the gorgeous vocal harmonies and the classical piano, this is one that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday with your lover.

These guys are playing with one of our all time favorites, Lady Danville, at the On the Rise Concert Series this Thursday. If we could, we would definitely be there. Since we can’t, you should attend and let us know how it goes. - The Music Ninja

"L.A. Unheard: Bear Attack's youthful roar"

The band: Bear Attack, a five-piece group of USC students.

The sound: On tracks such as “August” and “Boxes,” the band plays a brand of soft, tuneful folk-rock that evokes the spacious earnestness of the Swell Season or early Coldplay. Full of careful harmonies and colorful guitar chords, it’s serious, mature music -- impressively so for a band barely old enough to drink.

The random: Except for guitarist Brandon Bae, the quintet met as majors in USC’s popular music program, a recent addition to the Thornton Music School that began in fall 2009. (The old-school Bae is wrapping up his semesters in the university’s jazz program.) The bulk of the group won’t graduate until 2013, which means L.A. should see much more from Bear Attack in the coming year.

The details: “August” made an appearance on Monday night’s season finale of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” marking the young group’s television-soundtrack debut. Bear Attack funded an upcoming EP, “Shapes,” through Kickstarter, which is expected to arrive this spring.

The music: Download "August" below and hear more from the band on Facebook. - L.A. Times


Still working on that hot first release.



When most people hear "bear attack," gruesome images of death and despair come to mind. Well, one courageous indie rock band is here to change that! This Bear Attack is a 5-piece group whose members hail from four different regions of the US. After meeting at music school in California and gigging around as supporting musicians for other acts, they became close friends and decided to create a band of their own. Finally having a creative outlet led to an outpouring of honest and artistic music, and so Bear Attack was born.

Drawing upon their diverse personal and musical backgrounds, Bear Attack crafts smart, melodic pop songs with influences ranging from Radiohead's harmonic sensibilities to the vocal writing techniques of choral composers such as Eric Whitacre and haunting Irish songwriters, The Swell Season.

Bear Attack successfully funded their debut 6-song EP, "Shapes," through online fundraising site, Kickstarter, with the support of more than 80 unique donors. Since its release early this past summer, three songs have been featured on the hit ABC Family show, "Pretty Little Liars." In particular, "The Backpack Song" underscored a critical scene in the season three finale which has introduced Bear Attack to a global audience.

Bear Attack is excited to find out what their musical future holds after graduating this spring.