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OH SNAP!! is a gangster house DJ and a hipster-hop, rave rapper blending electro and hip-hop beats with dope, fun, rhymes... He rocks the party, the after-party, the drive home, the next day, week, month, and year!!!!


Who is OH SNAP!!?, What is OH SNAP!!?, and mostly, Why is OH SNAP!!? These questions could take a lifetime to answer. A self-professed check-to-check millionaire and inventor of the Fab-U-Fly lifestyle, OH SNAP!! is everything that is right, and wrong with society. Not really a DJ, and not really a rapper, as both imply talent, OH SNAP!! is trying to conquer the world with his average looks, average flow, and his “you might like him, you might not like him” personality. Raised on gangster hip-hop in the suburbs of Maryland, OH SNAP!! has lived the vicarious hustler lifestyle through many of hip-hop’s greats including 50 Cent, Biggie, MC Ren, Ice Cube, Eazy E, Dre, and that other guy from NWA, I can’t remember his name though. In the past few years, OH SNAP!! has seen society plunge into a deep depression and as a Buddhist, OH SNAP!! has decided to try to cheer the world up through music. If there was only one word to describe OH SNAP!!, excluding all words SNAP!! can’t spell or understand, the word would he HAPPY. OH SNAP!!’s mission in life is to make people happy while partying their collective bootays off. OH SNAP!!’s hobbies include: being fresh, keeping it real, poppin’ AND lockin’, hustlin’, and writing haikus.


New SNAP!! City EP (February, 2008)
High Top Fade EP - (September, 2008)
Falling Out EP - (October, 2008)
Singles including "Bill Cosby Sweater", "High Top Fade", and "Falling Out" have been played on National Radio in Australia, Radio 1 and KISS-FM in the UK, and various college stations in the USA.

Set List

A typical live set for me is anywhere from 20-40 minutes. A DJ set can run as much as 2 hours. Here is a typical live set list featuring all OH SNAP!! original rave-rap classics:
Snap Intro
Bill Cosby Sweater
Flavor Flav
How & Why
Let Me Do My Dance
Sexy Party
High Top Fade
I'm Too Fat to be a Hipster