Ellensburg, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop


Raised in New Jersey, hip-hop surrounded Omikron from an early age. His knack for finding trouble as a youth put him in position to focus his energy into discovering his talent for creating music.
Now residing in Ellensburg, WA, Omikron continues to hone his skills as a producer and an emcee. Since 2003 he has released 2 self-produced albums (“Storm of the Dragon”& “Burn The Streets” available on iTunes & Amazon) and 2 mixtapes, with more material coming every year. The intense energy of his live performances, and high workrate in the studio, guarantee that Omikron will be sticking around for a good long time.



Omikron & Calaber - "No More Games" (2003)

Omikron - "The Storm of the Dragon" (2005)
- features the singles "In & Out" and "Point Break".

Omikron - "Burn The Streets" (2007)
- features the singles "Stop", "All or Nothing" and "Terrorist".

Omikron - "The Prelude" (IN PRODUCTION - Early 2011)


Omikron - "Lessons In Revolution Vol.1" (2008)
- features the crowd favorite "Keep Talking" and DJ Litespeid collaboration "I Am a Fighter".

Calaber - "Calaber:The Mixtape" (2009)
- Omikron featured on the track "Like Dis".

Omikron - "Self-Therapy" (2010)
- features the crowd favorite "Hands Up" and K-Phetic collaboration "Heavy".

DJ Chiszle - "Unsigned Hype 3" (2010)
- features the Omikron track "All or Nothing"

Omikron - "Seven Mixtapes in Seven Days Project" (IN PRODUCTION - Late 2010/Early 2011)