Miami, Florida, USA

Hip-hop neo soul, reminiscent of Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray, & Erykah Badu with a twist of Celia Cruz!


OMILANI - (oh-me-la-ni) means sacred sweet waters... it is a representation of life. With her raspy voice, sultry sound, and lyrics that paint a picture, Omilani has a refreshing sound for the music scene.

This Afro-Filipina songwriter has definitely proven she can hold center stage. Performing since the age of seven, Omilani has been featured in many programs. She is most noted for performing her original works of neo-soul music, folkloric dance, tropical fusion/salsa and hip hop. Her eclectic vibe has become a very popular among all age groups.

Her love of languages has blossomed into a musical explosion that bridges language and cultural boundaries. Mixing Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Yoruba into her repetoire has added a unique twist to her show. Omilani feels that this diversity of her work enables her to reach a wider audience.

She is especially proud of the reaction of the youth to her positive and inspirational messages. It is her intention to show case the art not the artist, to let you be impressed by the message not the messenger. Omilani hopes to inspire others to pick up a pen and write.


Rebellious (Reggae Mix)

Written By: Jessica "Omilani" Alarcon

Chorus: Some say that I'm Rebellious - And I like it

I speak my mind and I talk real loud
I bring the party I'm the life of the crowd
Complacency is the death of me
I'll be myself but keep integrity
I mean it's no rules - no rules for me
I've got to be, I've got to be free
Because I'm (Rebellious)


Feel like confetti exploding in the air
Cool as the breeze as it's blowing through my hair
Never would I just blend in the scene
Forget the rules - we gonna paint this town green

I mean it's no rules - no rules for me
I've got to be - I've got to be free


If it means I've got a mind of my own
If what you're saying is how I'm acting is grown
Then rebellion can take me over now
You've got to see - you've got to see how
I'm so rebellious (hey) and I like it


Rappoetry (2007)
Lyrical Kiss (2009)
Flowers, Birds, & Bees (2010)