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Minkler, California, United States | SELF

Minkler, California, United States | SELF
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"EP Review"

There is always an unrelenting stream of bands which either immediately stand out from the crowd or seed heavy suggestive thoughts that one should keep a keen close eye upon their evolution. One which certainly has a place in the latter of the two categories is US metal band Ominós. The quartet from San Francisco with their latest EP Here It Comes ignites more than passing intrigue and promise, and whilst not without flaws the release marks the band as ones to definitely watch with big open eyes.

Formed in 2010 the five piece of vocalist Justin Harris, guitarists Sultan Sawalha and Will Yoshii, bassist Kavon Kavouss, and Ryan Mason on the drums, bring a brawling blend of metal styles within their intense creative eruptions going under the name of songs. Each track ruptures the ears and senses with a blistering brew of classic and modern metal. It is hard and vicious the perfect concoction for metal and finely flavoured with an infusion of fine melodic invention and incisive grooves. The combination of all elements easily triggers a certain appetite for future releases as well as for this EP.

To be honest you have to treat Here It Comes as a demo because the production does the band no real favours though it cannot diminish their promise and creativity. The good thing about it though other than the songs is that you know when the band have the opportunity to use the best professional studios and producers, no disrespect to those involved here, there is going to be something very impressive immerging.

The release opens with Torment Me, a track which wastes no time in rearranging the synapses with thunderous rhythms and equally vindictive riffs. Rampaging through the ear with the energy of an express train and intensity of a tsunami the track scars the senses with a consistent battering and melodic play as sharp as cheese wire and as scorched as the walls of a furnace. As it progresses the track switches and shifts patterns and pace to great success whilst always leaving intrigue and melodic lures in place for a full focus its way.

Second song Inflictors lifts things higher immediately with its excellent opening. First a melodic guitar weaves in front of the ear whilst harmonic vocals swarm around it making the song instantly and irresistibly beckoning. The band can barely last a minute though before opening the cage to their power and muscular heart unleashing predatory riffs from the bass and a just as intimidating assault from the guitars. With an insistent groove the track is a leap up from its predecessor with everything impressively instinctive and focused on annihilation. As with the other tracks the song is not complicated but nor is it bland or without obvious thought and craft. A consistently shifting maelstrom of imaginative play and execution, the track works to its climax of destruction with flair and contagious ideas.

Best track on the EP which gets better as it goes along is Machine Gun Salute, again another song where the leading moments of the song ensure nothing but eager attention is given its way. Hypnotic riffs and catchy grooves provide the initial hook before as the title suggests, the track rages with an irritated energy and pace spattering the senses with angry vocals, intrusive stomping riffs and violent beats for the greatest effect and result. Snarling and as pissed off as a woken bear in winter the song has everything you want in a metal beast. It has muscles within its muscles and pure vengeance in its heart making it a mighty statement.

Completed by a couple of live tracks recorded at The Stork Club, the Here It Comes EP is a definite marker for a band with as much potential as they have intensity and invention in their music. It is a shame about the production but still the release is thoroughly enjoyable and only sparks strong anticipation for a planned full length release later this year. Ominós is a band on the up and with the right conditions inside and out of the studio wil - The Ringmaster

"Ominos Interview with Skope Magazine"

Man it is getting hot out there. I do not know if it’s the weather or this interview I am about to post with a metal band out of San Francisco by the name of Ominos. These guys have created a band that I was impressed by how they have totally immersed themselves in what they see metal music as not only in sound but in life. With hard songs like “Those Before Us” and “Step Up” you are just immediately took over by the music. I warn you to embrace this Q&A with caution as these guys do not hold anything back. - Stoli Razz - Skope Magazine

"Song Competition"

Gary Allen here from my Sonicbids "Best Song In The World 2011" competition. Congratulations you placed as a top runner up in the last round. - Gary Allen

"EP Review"

Out of San Francisco comes OMINOS, a band playing a sort of mix of Thrash Metal from the classic late 80s Bay Area period (TESTAMENT, MEGADETH, DARK ANGEL…) and MAIDENish Melodic Metal. The result can be heard on 5 songs on their demo CDR, which sounds pretty good for an independent band. Vocally it is a bit raw and very Thrash Metal orientated, but like already mentioned, instrumental this band offers some great Metal riffs and guitarsolo’s, ripping as if it was still 1987. The production/sound is of course not as good as you would like it to be, but look further and you see a potential band. - Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutterzine

"EP Review"

Ominos metals like it’s 1989 and that sure is welcome. The demo, which starts with Ominous (yes, with that spelling), is rough sound-wise and barely superlative with one exception, but as far as metal and potato real heavy metal, this is it. Past the muffled sound, Ominos kicks off the demo with an acoustic intro reminiscent of the famous Halloween music from the film before launching into the aforementioned Ominous, the demo’s heaviest and most thrashy song. The singer has hell of a raspy voice. The following tracks are more melodic and more standard HM with the singer being the band’s best asset (and highest in the mix) and the drums being off. Love the title of the third song, Scar-Spangled Banner. The demo ends with a virtuoso acoustic cut that has nothing to do withy metal, yet is really well played. This kind of talent was not exactly apparent before then on the disc. - Anna Tergel - Metallian

"EP Review"

This was some cool thrash metal with lots of killer hooks and good singing. They are sort of like older Iron Maiden mixed in with some Forbidden. I love a good riff or hook and this has plenty of them and I am glad the singer just sings with his normal voice and doesn’t try to be “evil” or “brutal” he just has a natural aggressive voice and the couple tunes on here left me leaving for more. A band I def want to hear more of. -


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the greatest names in metal. Being the birth place of bands such as Metallica, Testament, Exodos, and Death Angel, the Bay Area carries with it a reputation for aggressiveness, speed, and power. Ominós strives to continue this tradition. Formed in the fall of 2010, Ominós is a power five-piece made of Sultan Sawalha on lead guitar, Will Yoshii on rhythm guitar, Ryan Mason on drums, Justin Harris on vocals and Kavon Kavoussi on bass guitar. Yet, prior to the formation of a five membered group, Ominós' true beginings started when the two guitarists, Yoshii and Sultan, met at a party in 2009. Over drinks, the two discussed their shared interest in the genre, and made arrangements to get together to play music. After a few months, the two decided to write and record their demo EP and in the spring of 2010, Will and Sultan released and began promoting 5 original tracks, regionally and abroad. While the songs were raw, having been recorded on a 4 track player with MIDI drums, the style and sound was strong. It wasn't long before Yoshii got the demo into the hands of bassist Kavon Kavoussi. Kavon asked to join the project almost immediately and had Yoshii and Sultan move into his practice studio in downtown San Francisco. At that same time, Yoshii recruited drummer Mark "Cliff" Rowles, and the band began to practice and play shows in the city. In the begining, Yoshii was doing all lead vocals in the project. But in November of 2010, Kavon insisted that the band try out Justin Harris as lead vocalist. Almost immediately, Justin would be brought in and began writing with the project, and by the winter of 2011, Ominós had witten and completed almost 6 original tracks outside of the orignial demo. But by the late winter of 2011, Ominós decided to split with drummer "Cliff" Rowles due to creative differences. Shortly after, the band would recruit drummer Ryan Mason to fill the role. Mason brought a solid level of speed and technicality to group, something that was needed to back the classic thrash style that the band uses as a foundation for its music. Since, Ominós has been committed to creating a style of metal that pushes the boundries of the genre. While each member of the band brings his own tastes and preferences, the shared love for all metal music is what makes the sound the eclectic mix that it is. The goal of this band is to get this music out to all metal fans, as many as possible. The music is so varied that there is something for every fan of any type of metal to enjoy. They're on a mission. Here it comes... -


Ominous (Demos) - EP
2nd EP Coming Soon!



The musicians of the band formed Omin贸s to play fast, aggressive, and hard metal. Plain and Simple.

Formed in the fall 2010, the five piece band consists of Justin Harris on vocals, Sultan Sawalha on lead guitar, Will Yoshii on rhythm guitar, Ryan Mason on the drums, and Kavon Kavouss on bass guitar. Each being fans before musicians, Omin贸s' music is a blend of various metal sub genres, all thrown into one. With a strong love for metal roots, Omin贸s brings the speed and precision heard in the classic thrash sounds of the 1980's, while incorporating the technicality and heaviness found in NWOAHM. With the sound being a conduction of power riffs leading in and out of heavy breakdowns, all layered with intricate guitar harmonies and solos, Omin贸s offers both a revitalization of classic origins and a new approach to modern heavy styles.

Fast. Aggressive. Hard.

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