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Discography is where I post my most popular mixes for everyone to listen and download for free.

Moombahton Madness is the last mix I made using only VDJ and mouse. Its style greatly contrasts the styles heard in February 2013 Megamix and October 2012 Electro House, as I used my S2 and Traktor Pro 2 for all mixes made after it.

Omiotek Live Sessions, V1 was my first live radio stream that I did. Using a service called Mixlr, I was able to broadcast my sound around the world for people to listen to for free.

Trap Test and Upbeat Wobbles are small little clips that I produced myself in Ableton Live. Nothing track-worthy yet, but just little teasers showing people what sounds I've had in my mind.

Keep in mind that I have created a lot more than what is posted on my Soundcloud, but due to time restrictions, I have only been able to keep 2h worth of my sounds.



I'm a young, motivated guy who has a true passion for mixing my favourite dance tracks and sharing them with people everywhere. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than seeing the crowd go wild after I drop the latest hit.

Since I started highschool a few years ago and discovered the [then] underground genre of dubstep, I've developed a passion for dance music. Something in me clicked when I heard my first UKF Dubstep mix, something I never experienced from any other genre. I started experimenting with free DJ tools like Virtual DJ on my little HP laptop, and grew a fond interest for the art of mixing music.

From that time till now, I've progressed exponentially. Last summer, I purchased a Macbook Pro and a Traktor Kontrol S2 controller with Traktor Pro 2 software. Since that time I've experimented with different ways to mix tracks, trying to vary my style up from blend to blend. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to innovate and make myself stand out from the "basic fade" style of mixing. Dabbling in sampling and looping has helped me to bring my professionalism and quality of sound to a new level.

I take influence from many artists, too many to name. I don't have favourite artists, I listen to an extreme amount of artists – some common and some unheard of – and I try to appreciate each artist for their own individual sound or techniques. Hearing the story of how Sonny Moore went from hardcore rock wannabe to international dance sensation in just over a year is a very inspiring story. Although his tale is known by many nowadays, the basic idea of "innovate and you will achieve" is a main concept that drives me forward as a DJ and possible producer in the near-future.

If you REALLY want my favourites, I'd have to say Flosstradamus, Baauer, UZ, Clockwork, Dillon Francis, Skrillex, Nicky Romero, and – more when I just got in to the scene – deadmau5.

I like to be versatile when I play different venues, whether it be on a stage or in some kid's basement. Since buying my gear, I've played a high-school dance, an elementary school fair, and done a couple house parties for highschool friends of mine as well. Although the bigger crowds are very exciting, I like playing smaller gigs too because you get to interact with the audience on a more personal basis and it really makes you feel good when some random person comes up to you after your set and says, "Hey man, your show rocked, I can't wait to see you again." It's comments like that which keep me going.