omission is a four-piece aggressive rock'n'roll band from detroit with influences ranging from classic rock to punk to thrash to metal. some of our main influences include (old) metallica, bigwig, bad religion, guns'n'roses, pennywise, refused, nirvana, minor threat, and of course the beatles.


From the shadowed streets of Shelby Township, Michigan comes a
new breed of rock’n’roll. Competent and tenacious, these four individuals
share the same desire: to play it loud and fast. We have outdone ourselves again,
bringing forth a crew so tight you’ll wish you would’ve brought your spandex pants.
We never said we were comedians. Omission began in 2002, rising from the ashes
of its predecessor False Identity. The new band exhibits a more mature approach in putting
more focus on the songwriting and expanding the technical and melodic aspects of our music.
The influences in our sounds have also broadened tenfold due to our constant
yearning for diversity in our musical palette as we grow older.
All of us are fans of very different types of music and anything and everything
is brought to the table. 2003 saw the introduction of guitarist Jeremy Alter into the fold.

Omission currently consists of the casual, yet productive Mike DiLaura on vocals and guitar.
The stunning, yet infamous Taras Shalay on bass. The new, un-famous Jeremy Alter
on guitar. And of course the attractive, hyperactive Matt Szlaga on drums.

Omission released a three-song EP in the summer of 2002, on the now defunct
Michigan Left Records. After finding the guitarist we needed to solve our jigsaw
puzzle of perfection, we immediately start playing out and making a name for
ourselves in the Detroit scene. In the last two years, we have managed to play
roughly 100 shows, including several short east coast/midwest tours, and logged countless
hours in the studio laying down tracks for a split EP with our friends in Comrade Kilkin as well
for our debut full length album. The split EP was released in the summer of 2005 through
Michigan-based Rock-Love Rekkids. Our debut full length album is
due out in the spring of 2006.


Demo CD (2002) - Michigan Left Records
Idle Kids Compilation Vol. 1 (2003)- Hell City Records
Comrade Kilkin/Omission Split EP (2005)- Rock-Love Rekkids
Self-Titled Debut Album (2006) - Rock-Love Rekkids

Set List

new song (untitled)
solitude is my only attribute
if you could see me now
the disguise
cover song
(new song encore)

sets sre usually 7-8 songs 35 min. long

cover songs include:
nine inch nails - wish
the cranberries - zombie
the misfits - london dungeon
nirvana - even in his youth
bad religion - quality or quantity