A crash-tested hybrid of early ZZ Top grit, Stones swagger and Bowie complexity with arena-sized riffs and anthemic hooks, this sup’d-up rock dynamo is built for speed.


Fueled by the string-scorching guitar playing of Seattle’s legendary Dudley Taft, the soul-bleeding, “what a set ‘a pipes” vocals of golden-throat Pat Napper, and the super-charged, high-octane rhythm section of bassist Robot (sporting the biggest ‘fro in rock), and drummer Andy Gregg, OmniVoid are a revved-up rock ‘n roll powerhouse sure to take the checkered flag.

“This is real Rock! Talent, flare, experience. This band didn't just show up for ‘show and tell’ time. Omnivoid is here to Rock hard and stay long! Drop the pedal to the floor and let your Rock N' Roll fantasies erupt!” – Andy Guyer, DJ KFNK “Funky Monkey” 104.9 Seattle

With chart proven songwriting experience, stadium worthy live performances, plenty of rock ‘n roll sex appeal and an infectiously playful sensibility, OmniVoid come equipped to entertain the masses.

“Hard Rock with both an edge and a hook, great stuff from some of Seattle's hottest musicians. Omnivoid is amazing to hear and captivating to watch!” – Bob Rivers, DJ/Host KZOK 102.5 Seattle

Quickly following up their 2005 debut ‘Combustion’, which launched the songs “SuperNovaCaine” and “I Will” into regular rotation, OmniVoid have released their 2nd EP entitled ‘Ignition.’ Recorded at Seattle’s acclaimed London Bridge Studios, ‘Ignition’ is primed to rock the airwaves this Summer.

Vehicle History: Patrick and Dudley met through a mutual friend in the Summer of 2003 and shortly thereafter started bringing together song ideas, quickly deciding to form a band.

Patrick's strong vocal style has been likened to that of Aaron Lewis (Stain'd) and Scott Weiland (STP). He began singing and playing guitar in high school and continued to hone his craft with several bands over the years. After playing with “Sixty Cycle Hum” (an alternative rock band) in Seattle for many years (appearing at venues such as the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and The Viper Room in Los Angeles), Patrick wrote and produced a solo album “Separation”, which spawned the radio single “Emptiness”.

Dudley grew up in a country called the "Midwest", where he learned the values of friendship, rock 'n' roll and a good ear of corn. Local guitar hero Rob Swaynie in Indianapolis taught Dudley the value of music theory interspersed with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple riffs. Taking his newfound skills with him, he founded the band “Space Antelope” with friend Trey Anastasio (of Phish Fame) in high school. Dudley moved to Seattle in the summer of 1990, joining the Seattle band “Sweet Water”. After touring the states with “Monster Magnet”, “Candlebox” and “Alice in Chains”, and recording two albums for Atlantic he left the band to resurrect “Second Coming”. More touring followed with an album on Capitol records and a taste of success thanks to the single “Vintage Eyes” which made it to #10 on the Rock Radio charts. After touring for eighteen months, Dudley came home to cook dinner for his girls.

Robot must have been born with the bass in his hands because it was such a natural fit for him. Robot plays the bass like a man possessed, hard and furious. He attributes his solid bass lines to the days he spent learning AC/DC riffs in order to hone his finger strength. In 2002 he formed a Cobain tribute band called “Sheep”. With his huge afro, huge riffs, and huge… well you get the point, Robot makes a serious mark.

Tate Erickson has literally been the glue that has solidified the OmniVoid line-up. He is no stranger to the stage, and being behind the drum kit does not keep him from getting noticed. His talent and energy are among the first things you see and the last you forget. His colorful history includes time behind the kit for influential Seattle bands Pornstar Rodeo, Faceless, and Genuine Article.


"Combustion" EP released Nov. 2005

"Ignition" EP released Sept. 2006

The song "Supernovacaine" is featured on No Cover magazine's "Groupies Suck" Vol. 8 compilation.

The Song "Nut-Driver (The Sirens of Titan)" is featured on KZOK's "Write a bleepin' song" contest CD.

Set List

"Stuck In The Race"
"Lady Luck"
"Sirens Of Titan"
"I Will"
"Rescue Me"
"Not The Only One"