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Vigo, Galicia, Spain | SELF

Vigo, Galicia, Spain | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Julia Baird, sister of John Lennon, has made ??its first foray into the music world by the hand of the Galician group "Om / Off""

Julia Baird, sister of John Lennon, has made ??its first foray into the music world by the hand of the Galician group "Om / Off" with whom he has recorded a song for charity initiative "50"to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary the creation of The Beatles, promoters said Thursday.

Baird, 64, Liverpool's cultural ambassador, has chosen for this initiative, the theme of "Isolation", written by his brother John, which was produced and recorded between Liverpool and Ponteareas (Pontevedra) by Paco Seren, a founding member of Pontevedra "Om / Off. " - NEWSPAPER "CANARIAS 7 "

"The group Om / Off has won a prize of Cultures 2008"

The group Vigo Om / Off has won a prize of Cultures 2008 contest, which called the State Society for Cultural Commemorations, the Ministry of Culture abscrita - prize of Cultures 2008


El grupo Om/Off tiende un puente entre la música hindú y la gallega

Om / Off a bridge between Indian music and Galician - Om / Off a bridge between Indian music and Galician


«Mirando al Ganges nos dimos cuenta de que aquella música sonaba como las muiñeiras» - INTERVIEW OM / OFF: 'Looking to the Ganga, we realized that this music sounded like muiñeiras "


One of the most important radio programs of the National Radio of Spain. WORLD BABEL, choose the group OM / OFF paar make a version of the tune. Has a special addition to India, where OM / OFF is one of thethe invited artists - SPECIAL INDIAN , OM/OFF INVITED ARTIST


special program on public radio in Spain. THE MUSIC POSSIBLE program opens the disc Om / Off, and make a special sign (MUSIC BY THE TREE) the group's debut album - RNE- RADIO 3( NACIONAL RADIO OF SPAIN )





OM/OFF is a fusion music band which combines pop, jazz, classical Hindi music and Galician folk, included into neo-etno-electronic Hindiceltic grooves and integrated into the so-called “World Music”.

Formed by: Vikas Tripathi (Varanasi, India 1979) famous Hindi musician and excellent interpreter of tabla, he owns a traditional Hindi music school in Varanasi and he played with Ojos de Brujo, Toki Masa, Manuel D’Oliveira (guitar for Dulce Pontes), Ganga Noa, Cuchús Pimentel among others, making gigs in Japan, Mexico, etc; Paco Serén (Vigo, Spain 1969) member of the famous rock band “Los Piratas” making gigs in Europe and America, music writer and interpreter, he composed various soundtracks, he plays keyboards, guitar and sitar; audiovisual producer and director; Pablo Álvarez (Vigo, Spain 1968) member of the famous rock band “Los Piratas” making gigs in Europe and America, musician and inventor he plays santour, Spanish guitar and Celtic harp; Viki Tripathi (Varanasi, India 1979) singer, he has recorded his voice for OM/OFF in several cities of India during the stay of the musicians in the country.

In an attempt to link both cultures, Celtic and Hindi, and likewise in a search of the tradicitonal roots of Hindi music OM/OFF travels to India in autumn 2007. They wish to study in depth Vika’s musical origins and Paco and Pablo need to attend to practical lessons of their respective instruments: sitar and santoor. During their stay in India they recorded some tracks of different Hindi musicians in the cities of Varanasi, Puskar and New Delhi and they also performed some gigs in the region of Rajasthan.

Later on Anxo Lorenzo (Moaña, Spain 1974) joined the band. He represents a new breed of musician who sees no barriers when experimenting with traditional and contemporary music and has the ability of seamlessly amalgamating the two into vibrant, fresh and new melodies and rhythms. Anxo has managed to fuse the unadulterated natural sound of the Gaita (Galician Bagpipes) with a wide variety of alternative music styles such as : Rock, Pop, Jazz, Flamenco, Chill out, Hip-Hop, electronic... converting the Gaita into an avant-garde instrument without giving-up his Celtic roots (Flute and bagpipe).

And last, as part of the definitive formation of the band Xose Liz (Vigo, Spain 1974) also joined the band. He plays various instruments: Galician requinta, flute, Irish flute, tin and low whistle, Galician bagpipe, bouzuki and acustic guitar. He’s teacher of Galician requinta in the Traditional Music School of the “Escuela de artes y oficios” in Vigo. He founded the bands: Salterium, Beladona and ARAN. At present he makes collaborations with: Beladona, Alfolíes, Ardentía, Pancho Álvarez Grupo, and ARAN, and he has played with Faltriqueira, Uxía Senlle and Rodrigo Romaní.

This fusion of classical Hindi music given by sitar, santoor and tabla, together with electronic programming and the art of one of the best Spanish interpreters of Galician bagpipe, combines in their gigs -in a unique way- ragas and mantras with traditional Galician and Hindi melodies. Thus, they offer in their show an insolite musical experience mixing meditation music and Celtic and Hindi ancestral rythms from a very up-to-date perspective.