Jacksonville, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

Omotayo Is A Breath Of Fresh Air To The Hip Hop Community. He Is An Artist With A Message Of Hope. His Music Cuts To The Bone Speaking Truth To Power. A True Voice of The People During Troubled Times.


Omotayo is a Holy Hip Hop Artist originally from Long Island New York He is currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. His Music is a "breath of fresh air" for the Hip Hop Community. His latest CD "Baptized by Fire" is filled with, mesmerizing beats, catchy hooks and inspirational lyrics. The overall quality of the CD raises the standard of Hip Hop as we know it


Baptized By Fire Released Fall 2008

wcgl 1360 jacksonville Florida
wzaz 1400 jacksonville Florida

Set List

Omotayos Sets Are Usually 20 Min