Addictive Alluring Harmonious Pop Vocals, Guitar Heroes with blazing layered arena rocking guitar riffs, Thumping Driving and body shaking drum and bass grooves.


Santa Barbara, CA
Melodic Rock

Omar Cowan- Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Bear Erickson- Lead Guitar, Vocals
David Burke- Guitar, Vocals
Shane McKillop- Bass, Vocals
Justin Flint- Drums

Ona (meaning wave, fire, woman, etc. in various languages) is a melodic modern rock band that mixes all of the right ingredients: seamless vocals, blazing guitar hooks, a roaring rhythm section, and a penchant for creating songs with time-stopping intensity. With such comparisons as The Stone Temple Pilots and U2, Jeff Buckley and John Mayer, Ona combines the ecclectic musical backgrounds of it's members to create a powerful sonic experience both in your headphones and live on stage.
After just a year, Ona was ready for the studio. Ona in the summer of 2005 spent three months in Victoria, B.C. with producer Joby Baker (Cowboy Junkies, Db Clifford) recording their full length CD, "Subject to Change." Impressively mature for a freshman effort, Subject to Change demonstrates a sense of identity and energy that raises the bar for the next rock movement.
Ona has played energetic shows throughout California and has devoted time for several charity events in an effort to give back to the community that sustains them. Their fan base is insanely dedicated- some might say fanatical- and think nothing of traveling several hours for the chance to see them play. Shows at The Roxy, House of Blues and the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles were all full of devoted Ona followers, aptly named, the "Army of Ona".
Through verve and belief in their music, Ona aims to revive the importance of authentic human connection in popular culture.



Inside Out

Written By: Ona

Pain, it comes around here
To remind you, to remind me.
Hurt, it comes around now
To remind you, to remind me.
You never felt alone
Until you feel it burn, it reminds you.
We can't just watch it fall,
I never felt so helpless, fading passerby.
For the sake of you and I
And keeping hope and dreams alive,
For the love to see it through
Love of mine I'm asking you...
Can you sit through the fall from inside out?
'Cause I can't sit through the fall from inside out.
Dreams, they come around here
To ignite us, and remind us
That we don't have to sit by
Scratch our heads and wonder why
We left our sights below the sky
For fear of the unknown.
So now you feel the burn
And question your resolve, does it blind you?
In line you wait your turn
Is that where you remain? I won't believe the lie.
For the sake of you and I
And keeping hope and dreams alive,
For the love to see it through
Love of mine I'm asking you...
Are we sitting paralized?
Can we stand to both survive this?
Change, it comes with pain
But I can take it.
Sit, remain the same
And it will brake me.


Ona- Self Titled EP (November 2004)
O20 Second EP (January 2005)
Ona- Subject to Change (Full Length)
--- Released November 2005

Set List

A typical set list includes: (70% songs from latest CD 20% Unreleased new songs 10% Covers) 45mins-60mins

1.Inside Out
2.Instant Cure
3. Just Around
4. Subject to Change
5. Skin and Bones
6. Ivy
7. Reach
8. Flare
9. With all due respect
10. Cover

Covered songs-to name a few:
"Last Goodbye"-Jeff Buckley
"Interstate Love Song"- Stone Temple Pilots
"U2 Medley" (Medley combining old with the new. Filter's 'Take a Picture" and U2's classic 'Still Haven't Found what i'm looking for")