On Air With Earl Hall

On Air With Earl Hall


“On Air With Earl Hall” - The Preacher Who’s Not Scared to Say It. This 30 minute show is aired live every Wednesday on HolyRevivalRadio.com with re-broadcast on other stations as well. This show is controversial, informative and always thought provoking


On Air with Earl Hall is a show for today. This show deals with everyday topics that have an edge as it relates to the church. This 30 minute call in program is always upbeat, thought provoking, and engaging. Pastor Hall is humbled to be able to bring Godly advice and direction to a world wide audience.


On Air with Earl Hall is heard by thousands of people each week via AM/FM radio and over 20,000 people each month via internet radio including on-demand downloads.


Earl B. Hall, II was born in Ashland, VA and raised in Reisterstown, MD. In 1987 Earl went into the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged after serving time at Andersen AFB, Guam and Altus AFB, Altus OK. In December of 1990 Earl became a minister under the late Elder Ancil Carruthers, pastor or Holy Revival Center in Altus OK. In 2000, Elder Hall was sent out by Elder Carruthers to start his ministry and given permission to start it using the name of Holy Revival Center. Elder Hall had a very troubled timed between 2000 and 2004. After a failed marriage and divorce he managed to seek and find the Lord again. In the Fall of 2003 Earl found a great blessing in his, now, wife Tawana R. Hall. Earl and Tawana were wed in December of 2004. Tawana was and is a driving force for Earl and has blessed him with their two children Brackell J. Hall and Earl B. Hall, III. Earl also has a daughter Briana E. Hall and Tawana has a daughter Tia D. Riley. This blended and blessed family of six are continually growing in God and seeking him for guidance in life.

In 2004, Earl’s family and mother-in-law Priscilla Burton became the first members of Holy Revival Center, Milwaukee Wisconsin. With this new ministry Earl also began his gospel internet radio station, HolyRevivalRadio.com. In 2006 Earl began a worldwide call in show called “Let’s Talk Truth” which is now known as “On Air With Earl Hall”. The tag line is “The Preacher Who’s Not Scared to Say It”. This 30 minute weekly show is aired live every Wednesday on HolyRevivalRadio.com and other great stations as well. “On Air With Earl Hall” deals with real topics that the church world deals with but are scared to talk, preach, and teach about. The show has been called controversial and Sister Shawn (owner of Gospel Impact Radio) has dubbed Pastor Hall the Michael Baisden of Gospel Internet Radio.

With a wide following that reaches around the world, Pastor Hall receives many communications weekly on the topics that he deals with. This show is a part of the ministry that Pastor Hall has that can reach many more people than just who is in front of him and his pulpit. The Studio “The Lab” is an extension of the pulpit and enables him to reach the world. “On Air with Earl Hall” has managed to reach thousands by not being preachy, but by being real. This show is not about a preacher preaching, but a man that truly wants to communicate Christian values to a mass audience without banging on a pulpit.

As the Lord Continues to bless, Pastor Hall will continue to bring you a show that everyone can relate to and appreciate.

"If my show makes you mad, but you go to your bible to verify what I say, that is the point of my show" - Pastor Earl B. Hall, II

“I want to reach people with the word of God without beating them up with scripture. I had a pastor that was just real with me and not preachy. I valued that and could talk about ANYTHING with him. Through my talk show, I hope to provide that same opportunity to my listeners. I am just a man of God that can relate and talk to anyone about anything and I thank God for just being able to be me and be real for him. My show will hold your attention, make you laugh, cry, wonder, get mad, get you excited. It will never be boring”. – Pastor Earl B. Hall, II. - www.earlhall.net